Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2018.2.1

Published on 09 April 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The combination of keys CTRL + Enter for designer forms.
The Resources panel in the viewer.
The option to add report resources to the generated documents. A new panel is added to the viewer for viewing and loading resources.
The Get Style From Selected Component options with several selected components.


Cloning of several components in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Chart legend marker alignment.
Editable checkbox.
Cross-tab columns rendering.
GroupSummarySorting was not working.
Charts tooltip.
Adding fields of the cross-tab component to the report tree in the designer.
Cookie value is out of max value 4096.
The error with the cross-tab when changing the summary type.
Table Header in charts when using Word wrap.
Drill Down in the Treemap chart.
The error with rounding when using columns of the data band.
Caching images.
Ediable fileds with empty text.
Alignment of images.
The barcode backcolor in the HTML export.
Extra line of declaring scripts when publishing the PHP project.
Export to PDF. The exception occured, if an OpenType font was loaded to the FontCollection.
The Trimming property in the export to HTML.
Hiding the Grow to Height property in the table cells.
Clearing resources when clicking the new dictionary in the designer.
Bugs in the some help links in the viewer.
A problem with copying in the designer.
Charts ineraction in RenderMode=Div and CartRenderType=Vector.
A bug with the SQL Command Timeout.
Vietnamese UI localization.
The error when creating JS projects because there was no support for the TLS1.2 protocol.
The dash line in charts.
The text alignment in RenderMode Div & Span.
When the project is published, if the connection string is replaced in the code, it will be removed from the report template for security reasons.
Bugs with the double data picker, incorrect date ranges were set.
Incorrect height of the bookmark cursor for some report components in the HTML5 viewer.
Export to PDF. An issue with Asian fonts that contain unicode (national) characters in the name.
The Color for StiCrossTabStyle from XML was not loaded.
The empty item to the Render to property.
The RenderTo textbox property did not work correctly.
When calculating the height of the text, the Wordwrap property was not taken into account.
Interaction in charts.
Chart labels. When disabling the text wrapping of the X axis, the headers were not fit.
Charts axis rendering.
The problem with the scaling of Watermark.