Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2018.1.5

Published on 16 January 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Publish of a JavaScript project using the Vue.js framework.
Publish of the JavaScript project using the Angular framework.
The Pictorial chart.
The find functionality by items in the request parameters.
Support Use Aliases in the dictionary of the designer.
The new overload of the DateSerial(ticks) function.


In the interpretation mode, the ternary operation (cond ? Exp1 : exp2) now works correctly.

Fixed Bugs:

Improved the structure of the JavaScript code for projects.
A bug with the report checker in the JS designer.
A bug with the position of the report page in the SPAN mode for the HTML5 viewer.
Export to HTML. Now colors with partial transparency are correctly displayed.
Export to data. In some cases, extra column names appeared.
Controls in the edit variable form were not reset.
Saving Allow Apply Style in Pie Series.
Show Shadow for Pie Series.
The error in the browser console about not existing resource.
The spinner was shown when selecting a dictionary item.
An error occurred while editing the dictionary element and switching to another element.
A bug with the FirstRowIsHeader property when saving the Excel connection.
A bug with the line primitive when the style was set to none.
A bug with scrolling the page when opening the options menu.
The Totals.Rank now works correct.