Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2017.2.1

Published on 02 October 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The CanBreak property to the panel component.


Export to HTML. Improved work of the UseStrictTableCellSize property.

Fixed Bugs:

Export to PDF. The file was broken if any image did not contain info.
Some sub-report properties were incorrectly read from MRT/XML.
Error in the browser console, when adding the text component in the designer.
Copy to clipboard in the report checker.
Export to HTML. The charts could not be exported correctly if a bookmark is specified for the page.
A bug with deleting image source in the designer.
A bug with the text alignment of area labels in the chart.
A bug with the ability to change the title style of a chart.
Engine. The error with rounding when the CanBreak property for the Container and Panel works.
The CanBreak property of the Panel component was not correctly stored in JSON.
The barcode border was displayed only in design-time.
The ShowQuietZone barcode property did not work.
The cast to char type now works correctly.
Viewer.exe can be used together with any valid license for any product.
Animated line series.
Margins were incorrectly loaded from the MDC file.
Export to PDF. The Watermark is now exported correctly.
Some bugs with properties of the table component in the designer.
A bug with positions properties, if the value is empty.
The ShowTooltips property did not work for some elements of the HTML5 designer interface.