Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2017.1.8

Published on 06 July 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for "select items from data column" in the variable items form.
Added the ability to load fonts in the async mode. Some browsers did not load in the synchronous mode. Stimulsoft.Base.StiFontCollection.addOpentypeFontFileAsync(function () { }, "Font.ttf");.
The declaration file (*.d.ts) will now be delivered.
Checking of names for parent and child data sources in the relation form.
Support for moving items in the dictionary in the designer.


Added navigation by pages for the view mode = continous in the viewer.

Fixed Bugs:

A bug with the image watermark in the preview of the designer.
Export to Excel. Extra lines in the ExportDataOnly mode.
A bug with exports, when a report has bookmarks.
Some bugs with the tree map chart in the designer.
The Color Each property for Treemap series.
Previously, in pure Node.js, all xml (data, localizations, mrt) files were not working. Now there is an xml parser and in the nodejs.
Absence of some properties for the table of charts in the designer.
Conflict with the WordWrap property with the flex-direction style in the designer.
Migration on TypeScript 2.4.
A bug with check report in the designer.
CSP(Content Security Policy). Problems with "eval" in source code in the Designer.