Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2017.1.7

Published on 20 June 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for Bower repository.
The new mode of showing a report in the viewer (ViewMode = Continuous).
The new Page tab in the toolbar of the designer.
The Container select form to clone a component in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Big delays when working with a large amount of data in the designer.
A bug with HyperlinkDataColumn, TagDataColumn, ToolTipDataColumn properties in chart series.
In the MySQL adapter, it crashed when the database schema was obtained, if there were tables with the names "files", "events" and others in the database.
A bug with variables which have expressions.
Joining cells of the Table component.
Adding a new page when creating a sub-report component.
A bug with sizes of table cells, when the table is created with the help of a wizard.
A bug with text margins of a component in the designer.
Export to PDF. Arabic text is now exported correctly.
A bug with sizes of columns when changing report unit.
Some issues in the sub-report.
A bug with the marker size in charts.
Some issues with charts in the designer.
If the component style is specified, then controls on home panel set disabled.
A bug with opening virtual datesources from the report file.
Lost Watermark.ImageHyperlink property when opening the report file.
Export to Word/Excel. The images from the data source were not exported correctly. All images were replaced by the last one.
Engine. Bands and containers did not render the Tag property.
Get types schema from MSSQL database.