Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2017.1.5

Published on 31 May 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The Colors property is added to the style of charts.
Class Reference for Stimulsoft Reports.JS
Possibility to reset report culture in the Designer.


The ShowToolbox and ShowInsertTab properties to the options form in the designer.
The new display mode in the preview of the designer.
Some optimizations in the installation of the application.
Loading styles from the JSON file in the style designer.
Select All was moved to the upper position in the menu of the list variable.

Fixed Bugs:

Exception when passing a fractional number to the ToWords function.
A bug with big delay after clicking the Select All in the Variables panel.
A bug when getting images gallery, if not correct connection was used.
Support for shadows of chart elements.
Support for font styles - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough - for text elements of the chart.
The value of CheckedValue in StiCheckBox was not saved when there was the JSON type in MDC.
Switсhing the report designer to the foreground after clicking the New Report button in the Designer.exe.
A bug with title properties of the chart in the designer.
A bug with the TitleVisible property of strips in the charts.
A bug with displaying a table in the chart.
A bug with grid lines in the chart.
A bug with images of products in the Update form.
A bug with the report tree button in Russian localization in the Designer.
A bug with band positions after copy-paste.
If, in any properties, there was a combination of such characters as /Q, then they were stored incorrectly, respectively, everything was loaded incorrectly.
A bug with displaying messages forms, after changing localization in the Designer.
Variable types of list and range did not work correctly.
The error with auto insertion of connection name from long URL in the edit connection form.
The CheckStatus of the ComponentStyleIsNotFoundAtPage check has changed from Error to Warning.
Custom format did not correctly output the data if the input data were not a numerals.
Sub-Report was not rendered if it is specified as separate files.
The StiHeaderBand.PrintIfEmpty property was not working correctly.
Border series label in chart.
Null data in the cross-tab were written as NaN and not as 0.
A bug with saving styles from the report.