Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2016.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The OData connection edit form to Designer.
Support for SegmentPerWidth & SegmentPerHeight pages properties in Designer.
Bookmarks in the JS Viewer.
The DatePickerFirstDayOfWeek property in the Viewer and Designer.
Show component positions in the status bar in the Designer.
Support of encrypting report in the JS Designer.


Redesigned watermark form in the Designer.
The summary direction button in the Cross-tab component form the Designer.
Redesigned export settings form.

Fixed Bugs:

The bug with chart areas properties in the Designer.
Fixed bug with totals and headers in the wizard form of Designer.
The bug when creating the Funnel Weighted Slices chart in the Designer.
The bug with the condition property in the GroupHeader band.
The bug with Cross-tab fields when changing units in a report.
The error with double screening of the / character in some cases.
The bug when sending SQL parameters containing symbols ' or "".
"overflow: hidden" to the body in the JS Designer.
The bug with the disappearance of the pages panel after preview in the Designer.
The bug with disabling all controls after closing a report in Designer.
The bug with tooltips in the Viewer.
A bug with zoom menu in the viewer.