Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2016.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The DockStyle property in Designer.
The Culture report property in the Designer.
The Create label & Create Field on Double Click checkboxes in the dictionary in the Designer.
Database adapter for Java.
The new data source button in the wizard form in the designer.
The report checker in Designer.
Parameters in the editor form for the sub-report component in the Designer.
The RichText editor for the text component in the Designer.
Ability to drag and drop report template files right into the designer.
The dual calendar with preset time intervals for DateRange type variables in the viewer.
The Selection property to the variable in the Designer.
Support for expressions in Watermark of the page.
The new property is added in the report - RetrieveOnlyUsedData.
Styles Form in the Designer. Move Up & Down Styles, Copy, Cut and Paste, Duplicate Style, Get Style From Component.
The RetrieveOnlyUsedData property to the report in the Designer.
The Oracle adapter for the JS engine.
Custom user functions.
Interaction sorting.
Interaction collapsing.
Interaction drill-down.
Copy copmponents with the CTRL button in the Designer.
Virtual datasource.
JS. Export to PDF. Charts and barcodes.
The Linked and Locked properties for components in the Designer.
The Column direction and Min Rows In Column properties to data bands in the Designer.
The report tree in the Designer.


View data in the designer in a new tab.
Change interface in the more colors form in Designer.
The time control to datepicker in the designer.
Optimized speed of loading a report in Designer.
The PopupWindow value in the StiPrint Destination is replaced by the With Preview for Web Viewer.
Optimizing data import a large volume of data in the Designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Problems with dependent variables in Viewer and Designer.
A bug in the method of color comparison. As a result, export to Excel was accelerated several times.
Chart Y-axis range display.
A bug with empty cross-tab fields in the Designer.
A bug with not visible properties for FullStackedColumnArea in the chart editor form.
Obsolete variable $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA no longer used in PHP adapters.
A bug with zoom by page width and page height in the viewer.
Now the CanBreak property of the StiText component works correctly.
The text with the first blank line was shown incorrectly.
Export to PDF. When having Tabs in the text, the exported file was corrupted.
Export to PDF. When having more than 255 various characters in the text the exported file was corrupted.
A bug with the onPreview event in the JS Designer.
The bug when set the collapsed property for bands in the Designer.
The data group properties were not displayed in the CrossTab editor form.
The error with applying properties in the CrossTab edit form.
Loading color which name contains more than one word.
Database adapter for ASP.NET.
Soritng for the data band was not applied, if the report was created from wizard.
Some parameters of loading JSON.
Loading files by URL.
Set '0' values for Page Margin.
The Shape component with the style set to None is now correctly exported to the PDF format.
Now DateSerial, MonthName, DayOfWeek functions are working properly.
The error with Copy/Paste of components from one report to another in the Flash Designer.
The bug with data source aliases in the wizard form.
Issue with the font size when exporting to HTML.
The CreateReport event was not called.
Increased the speed of exporting reports.
The nameInSource property was not working.
Issues with loading JPEG.
Issues with loading the XSD schema.
Charts zooming.
Loading some JSON files.
Charts display backgound.
Some issues with the OData loader.
The Minimum and Minimum properties for all axes of the charts.
Improved rendering of charts using a custom range for the axes.
The error of printing from the code, if the script is added to the page title.
A bug with the sub-report page container in the Designer.
Problems when Mobile Designer is used with Semantic UI.
Bugs with CTRL+C and CTRL+V in the Designer.
A bug with cross-tab fields in the designer when the interface mode is touch.
A bug with sorting interaction in the Designer.
It is forbidden to move the components outside the page in the Designer.
A bug with calculated column expression in the Designer.
The work of the Prevent Intersection property when rotating Chart Labels.
The problem with report styles when re-drawing the viewer or designer.
Issues in the parser of expressions.
Updated localizations.
Loading images by URL when exporting.
Issues with loading templates of the XML types.
JS Export to PDF. Embedded fonts.
Fix, JS, export to PDF. Font size .
The Size button for components in the Layout tab in the Designer.
Portuguese UI localization.
Portuguese UI localization.