Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2015.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

MySQL DataAdapter for Node.js.
MS SQL DataAdapter for Node.js.
MySQL DataAdapter for PHP.
MS SQL DataAdapter for PHP.
Dictionary Synchronize.
Designer and Viewer Error Form.
Report Variables.
Support for data from OData.
Support for data from Excel.
Support for data from Firebird.
Support for parameters in URL to JSON and XML data.
Changed the approach of loading JSON data in dataset.
The bar-code component.
The ability to view data from the designer (View Data).
Adding formatting of strings (String.format()).
The bar-code component.
UI localization in the JS report viewer and designer.
Localizations are added.
The encryption of connectionString in the report template.
Support for localizations in the Windows designer.
Loading JSON array feature.
The Layout tab in the report designer.
The Text format editor to JS Designer.
Ability to load relations to the data dictionary in the Designer.


Improved work of the WordWrap and Angle properties for the Text component.

Fixed Bugs:

Style Form is not shown.
Condition Form is not shown.
Some fixes in the Chart Form.
Chart Drawing.
StiImage Clone did not work.
JSON Data did not read Array Type.
HtmlStyle when one time rendering a report in the viewer and designer.
Add DataRelations in Form did not work.
Designer Options Dictionary not work.
Sum function not work correctly.
Errors when working with variables.
Loading images by URL with parameters.
Importing of Excel data works faster.
Displaying CheckBox.
Displaying Shape issues.
Failed to load template from XML when the units are set to millimeters.
Removed the namespace "System".
The problem of cutting the text.
The error with Retrieve Columns.
Errors of loading the report template.
MySQL. Fixed issue with specifying the connection port.
JSON XML Database fixed issue with the saving path.
Showing CheckBox values in preview.
Wrong showing the CheckBox.
The Chart form was not shown.
Setting only one language.
Rendering SubDetail reports.
The queryString property in the SQL database.
Saving the report template when using JSON data.
The algorithm for loading JSON is reworked.
Wrap in Preview.
The error with borders of components when rendering reports.
A bug with special symbols in the names of datasources.
Errors of rendering components using the Print On property.
The data band was not rendered when placed on the panel.
If the margin is 0 then the tempate was not loaded correctly.
Bar-codes were not parsed when rendering.
The System.Convert functions.
Error with the definition of two-pass rendering mode of the report.