Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2017.1.5

Published on 31 May 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The open button in the WebViewer.
Animation of charts in the WebViewer.
Drill-down for all chart types in reports in the WebViewer.


Some optimizations in the installation of the application.
Loading styles from the JSON file in the style designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Filtering data using expressions did not work correctly when using the Flex Engine.
Improper deletion of elements.
Some issues in the RTF export.
WebViewer Calendar bug.
Problems with the Range variables.
Switсhing the report designer to the foreground after clicking the New Report button in the Designer.exe.
Improved error showing system in the WebViewer.
The WebViewer width in the full screen mode.
A bug with zoom menu in the viewer.
Changed names of the WebViewer themes for the purpose of compatibility with other components: Default -> SimpleGray, Office2007 -> Office2007Blue, Office2010 -> Office2010Blue, Office2013 -> Office2013WhiteBlue.
The And/Or value for the filtering type in the data sources in the Flash Designer was not saved.
Increased testConnection speed in WebDesigner.
Data source/variable naming conflict validator.
Refactoring of stimulsoft-web and stimulsoft-flex libs.
Parser "cast" operation.