Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2016.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for loading the WebViewer localization from the stream.
The Date Range variables.
Speed optimization in the report engine.
The chart styles editor in WebDesigner.
The StiReport.retrieveOnlyUsedData report property which indicates how the report engine retrieves data - used only in the report data or all data.
MSSQL database support in webdesigner.
The condition Break If True functionality.
Select all functions to the variable list in WebViewer.
The JSONDatabase of the jsonData property.
Support for Java Server Faces (from v2.2) for WebViewer & WebDesigner.
A target to open links from the exported report (StiOptions.Export.Html.setOpenLinksTarget).
StiWebDesignerOptions LocalizationStream.
Data sources from other data sources in Web Designer.
Interaction edit form in Web Designer.
The Cross-Tab edit form in Web Designer.
The Styles tab to create data wizard in the Web Designer.
The Duplicate item is added on the page context menu of the Web Designer.
The grid on the page in the Web Designer.
The Table component in the Web Designer.
Drag&drop components from the toolbox in the Web designer.
The Layout tab in the Web Designer.
The text format editor in the Web Designer.
The Text format editor in the MVC Web Designer.
Calcualted column in Web Designer.


The KeepDetailsTogether property was changed on more functional KeepDetails in the Flash Designer.

Fixed Bugs:

The user variable of the list type in the SQL query.
Error displaying Cross-tab, if the the ShowTotal and the Enabled properties of the total were not enabled.
Collaboration Wrap and HorAlignment properties in the Cross-tab component.
Localization could not find items from English locale.
WebViewer image export.
Default export setings in WebVeiwer.
Modify the cross-tab condition column style in WebDesigner.
The fullscreen mode of WebViewer.
Displaying the Null DB field value.
Support for RefCusror in the Oracle database.
WebDesigner parameters editor.
Support for the String.Format function.
Conditions in the Cross-Tab component.
WebDesigner sub-report.
ViewData in WebDesigner.
EngineV2 GetGroupHeaders for StiTable.
Query timeout option StiOptions.Dictionary.setQueryTimeout().
Calculation of the cross-tab cells size with border thickness.
Cells auto size in the cross-tab component with the enabled MaxSize property.
WebDesigner bands filters editor.
The localization of the variable PageNoFM.
Data sorting.
Editing sorting column in the web designer.
Variables DataSource editor in webdesigner.
The StopBeforePrint behaviour.
The PageNofM variable.
The List variables.
Sub-report with an empty page.
Undo/Redo webdesigner functionality.
WebDesigner retrieve columns with parameters.
The StiTable component grouping.
Watermark transparency.
Confirmation to leave while in the preview tab in webdesigner.
The Make Horizontal/Vertical Spacing Equal function.
View Data of a Data Source via context menu in WebDesigner.
Watermark displaing in WebDesigner.
The WebViewer interaction on second+ page.
Collapsing interaction editor in WebDesigner.
Support for Wildfly & WebLogic servers.
Chart styles №26, 27, 28 were not loaded in DesignerFx.
Strikeout in the HTML export & WebDesigner.
The {Today} system variabe.
The "onlyText" behaviour.
Interaction editor in WebDesigner.
The Make Vertical Spacing Equal function.
WebDesigner Undo/Redo.
Viewer buttons localization.
IconCondition was incorrectly working when usong the Flex engine.
Conditions with null Oracle data column value.
Bookmarks with apostrophe in WebViewer.
Incorrect work of the Reset function for the Request form User variables when using lists from the database in Flash.
Hide RichText in WebDesigner.
In some cases, an incorrect rounding of the Y-axis values in Flash charts was applied.
Grouping separator in the Number Formatter.
Parameters in the SQL query.
The error message with non existing parameter.
JSON parsing.
WebVeiwer cache errors.
The number formatter.
PDF fonts.
Report deserialization.
The TextOptions deserialization problem.
The border styles in the HTML export.
The chart from JSON data failed when null data values in JSON.
Stacked Column render.
Support for variables and parameters in a query when retreiving columns in Flash Designer.
WebDesigner connections icons & names.
WebDesigner duplicate page function.
The error with wrong data sorting.
Date functions.
Variables which names start with underscore.
The error with Copy/Paste of components from one report to another in the Flash Designer.
Flex configuration loading.
JSON encoding.
The Month function.
QRCode encoding.
Printing rotated text.
Style colors serialization/deserialization.
The ShrinkFontToFit function.
The problem with the large timeout when using built-in XML and JSON data adapters in Flash designer.
Improved the editor to select data columns for the RichText component in the Flash designer.
The dialog box to open images for variables worked incorrectly in the Flash designer.
Align images in the middle and on the right edge of Flash Designer.
Document serialization/deserialization.
Editing Conditions in the Cross-Tab component.
The issues in the Cross-tab.
Portuguese UI localization.
Portuguese UI localization.
The Cross-Tab unnecessary break.
The error of retrieving non-described columns.
The wrong property when reading style.