Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2014.1.1900

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Functions Right, Left, Mid.
New functions DateToStrPt, DateToStrPtBr.
The new option ShowSaveFileDialog allows showing the input dialog of the report file name when saving in the Flash Designer.
The new option CachePreviewData allows disabling caching of the loaded data. It is useful when using Web services when getting data.
The button Select All for the List Variable in the Flash Designer and Viewer.
The new option ShowEmailExportDialog that allows hiding export options when sending a report by Email.
The new option DivideBigCells for exporting reports to Excel.
Default custom settings to exports.


Email sender in the HTML viewer.

Fixed Bugs:

Database parameters.
Cross-Tab cell height calculation.
Variables conversion in DB query.
Drawing the Pie chart with data starting from 0.
Cross-Tab interactions.
Displaying сurrency format.
Incorrect defining the data format dd-MMM-yyyy in Flash Designer.
The Count property for variables of the type List now work in the Interpretation mode.
Chinese characters in exports to PDF, XPS, Word, Excel.
The Format function.
Sorting variables.
MySQl Source.
Correction of the condition values when saving them in the HTML designer.
The properties were not changed for ChartTable.
The problem with the construction of certain types of reports using the wizard in Flash Designer.
Set proper paint StiZipCode.
Properties of children categories in the Property Grid displayed localized, even if the corresponding option was disabled.
Incorrectly calculated heights of Cross-Tab cells when wrapping text to another line.
The error with replacing expressions on their values ​​in the report template in the Cross-Tab component after rendering the report.
Substring function error.
Export to PDF. StiRoundedRectanglePrimitive was not exported.
Export to PDF. Shapes are now exported more correctly.
The time zones were ignored when displaying the date and time.
Fixed functions First and Last.
An error when processing variables in the report.
A very rare problem if the name of the data source is same as the band name.
Some errors when rendering charts using Auto Series.
Decimal digits in the Text Format.
DBNull cross tab bug.
Issues in the export to PDF.
Non-english letters in Cross-tab.
The algorithm of the function Replace() is changed to prevent any loops at certain combinations of parameters.
The function ToQueryString() now has automatic escaping of the quote character.