Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2017.2.1

Veröffentlicht am 02. Oktober 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The CanBreak property to the panel component.
The SVG image format is now supported.
The new static option - StiOptions.Engine.AllowInsertLineBreaksWhenSavingByteArray=true.
The new TrimExcessData property is added to the Maxicode bar-code.


Optimization of the RichText design-time information on the page surface.
Export to HTML. Improved work of the UseStrictTableCellSize property.
IStiForeColor is now supported in Ribbon GUI.
IStiBackColor is now supported in Ribbon GUI.
Font options from Ribbon GUI can be used in the BarCode component.

Fixed Bugs:

Error in the browser console, when adding the text component in the designer.
Copy to clipboard in the report checker.
Export to PDF. Not valid hyperlinks are not exported now.
Incorrect work of the Stretch property of the image in the EngineV1.
Global optimization of the memory consumption when the report engine works with images. In some reports, the memory consumption is up to 3 times lower.
Support of the SVG image format in the image component and watermark.
Export to HTML. The charts could not be exported correctly if a bookmark is specified for the page.
A bug with deleting image source in the designer.
A bug with the ability to change the title style of a chart.
The CanBreak property of the Panel component was not correctly stored in JSON.
Viewer.exe can be used together with any valid license for any product.
Print to PDF in the Safari browser.
An error in MVC components, if the URL for routes ends with a slash.
Export to ExcelXml. The exception when exporting from WebViewer.
A problem with custom routers in the .NET Core components.
Loading report from URL in the .NET Core components.
In some cases, there was a problem in the HTML5 designer when using Master Page.
The error of the URL.createObjectURL function when printing to PDF in some browsers.
Barcode Maxicode. The error in Mode3 with some input data.
Barcode Maxicode. Change the coding algorithm to improve compatibility with other products.
Animated line series.
Export to Word. For ArialUnicodeMS the correction factor is added so that the line height corresponds to the preview.
A bug with positions properties, if the value is empty.
Errors with properties OpenLinksWindow, OpenExportedReportWindow, DesignWindow in Web components.
There was no possibility to send a PDF report in the preview of the Flash designer.
The DefaultUnit property for the new report was not considered when runnig the HTML5 designer.
The ShowTooltips property did not work for some elements of the HTML5 designer interface.
The UndoMaxLevel property of the HTML5 designer did not work.
The error with preview in the MVC designer when using the custom controller.
Errors in XML and JSON adapters when loading a file from a local drive to .NET Core.