Stimulsoft Ultimate 2015.2

Neue Möglichkeiten
1.Animation of charts in the Mobile Viewer and MvcViewer.  RWeb
2.The new property - TypeRenderChart in Mobile Viewer.  RWeb
3.The new property - MirrorMargins.  RWebRNetRWpf
4.The new static option - StiOptions.Print.FixNet46WpfCulture.  RWpf
5.The new static property StiOptions.Engine.BarcodeQRCodeDefaultByteModeEncoding.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.The new option ChartRenderType for the MvcViewer component, allows you to choose the type of a chart on the page: image, vector, animated vector.  RWeb
7.Editable reports in Mobile Viewer and Mvc Viewer.  RWeb
8.Support for loading missed assemblies from NuGet, to create a database in the report dictionary.  RNetRWpf
9.SQL parameters to the dictionary of Mobile Designer.  RWeb
10.The Table component now supports the RightToLeft property.  RWebRNetRWpf
11.Export to PDF. Charts are now exported as vector objects.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.The Find panel in MvcViewer.  RWeb
13.Multiselect components in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
14.The Test Connection button to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
15.Multiselect components in the Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
16.The test connection button to Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
17.New themes in the Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
18.The report setup form to Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
19.Functions to dictionary in the Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
20.The feature to change the width of the variable in the drop-down list in "Request From User" - StiOptions.Viewer.RequestFromUserDropDownWidth.  RNet
21.The first official release of the product.  RJS
22.The Find Panel to Mobile Viewer.  RWeb
23.Data adapters in Report Engine.  RWebRNetRWpfRUWPRSilverlight
24.A new parameter $report_file_name for the function of saving the report.  RPHP
25.Export to Excel2007/2013.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
26.The Run Query button to the data source form in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
27.Functions to dictionary, the report setup form, new themes, the Test Connection button and Multiselect components for WebDesigner.  RJava
28.The JSON database support.  RJava
29.Support for multi-level detail of the report in MvcViewer.  RWeb
30.The Options form to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
31.Two new properties StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowQuickReportOpen and StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowQuickReportSave.  RWpf
32.Support for dependent variables in MvcViewer.  RWeb
33.Animated appearance of Charts.  RWpf
34.The StiOptions.Viewer.InteractionChartOnFirstLook new property to customize charts when it is displayed first time.  RWpf
35.Ability to specify CC and BCC field when sending Email for Web components.  RWeb
36.The dBase connection type to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
37.The CSV connection type to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
38.The Excel connection type to Mobile Designer.  RWeb
39.The CSV Connection.  RWebRNet
40.The DBase Connection.  RWebRNet
41.The Excel Connection.  RWebRNet
42.The context menu to components in the Mobile Designer.  RWeb
43.The OData Connection in the report engine.  RNetRWpf
44.Align text by center in the Word Wrap for the Labels of chart Axes.  RNetRWpf
45.The new properties Border, Brush in the Chart Style.  RNetRWpf
46.The Gauges component.  RNetRWpf
47.The HTML WebViewer exceptions handler.  RJava
48.New properties for more detailed settings of Chart Style.  RNetRWpf
49.The new parameter "distinct" is added to JoinColumnContent (use only different values).  RWebRNetRWpf
50.FilterCondition.IsNull & StiFilterCondition.IsNotNull.  RJava
51.Export to Text. The new static option - StiOptions.Export.Text.RemoveLastNewLineMarker.  RWebRNetRWpf

1.Optimized export formats Excel, CSV, DIFF, SYLK when using the Export Data Only option.  RWebRNetRWpf
2.EngineV2. Fixed a small problem with rendering reports on some computers with specific security policy settings.  RWebRNetRWpf
3.Serialization and rendering optimizations.  RJava
4.Redesigned creating databases form.  RWeb
5.Redesigined dialog New Data Source.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.Improved support for some generic types by business objects.  RWebRNetRWpf
7.When setting the report culture the UseUserOverride=false flag is used.  RWebRNetRWpf
8.Fixed artifacts when displaying the LineChart with a very large amount of data.  RNetRWpf
9.Now you can edit the fields of the date type in the viewer manually without a calendar.  RWeb
10.Redesigned Mobile Designer for MVC.  RWeb
11.Optimized loading of localization files MvcViewer.  RWeb
12.Optimized loading MvcViewer resources and accelerated loading of a Web page on which the MvcViewer is placed.  RWeb
13.Exports to RTF, Word, Excel2007/2013 formats now export HTML tags as formatted text.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
14.Optimized work with large data sources in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
15.Changed the name output of the sub-report when the sub-report has low height.  RNetRWpf
16.The new static option - StiOptions.Print.MetafileAsBitmap. It is used if metafiles are incorrectly printed.  RNet
17.The expression control to the text edit form in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
18.Interface of the New Connection form.  RWeb
19.Decreased time on loading Mobile Designer.  RWeb
20.Resizing icons of components in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
21.Updated components in the context menu.  RWeb
22.The new style for progress in the mobile viewer and designer.  RWeb

Behobene Fehler
1.The error of compilation of some reports in Web projects, which arose as a result of refactoring.  RWeb
2.The error when passing parameters that contain some special characters in MvcViewer.  RWeb
3.Parameters values of the compiled report were not passed when using dynamic sorting in MvcViewer.  RWeb
4.Failed to save the report in IE with national characters in names in MvcViewer.  RWeb
5.Business objects correctly support the IList type.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.Business objects of the WrappedEntityCollection type are correctly processed.  RWebRNetRWpf
7.Conditions for line series.  RNetRWpf
8.Saving property values when changing the type of Labels from Chart.  RNetRWpf
9.Errors in PDF export.  RJava
10.An issue using filters for auto series of charts.  RNetRWpf
11.The behavior of PageHeaderBand.  RJava
12.Localization of the Email dialog in the Flash viewer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
13.The CountIf function.  RJava
14.Text measure.  RJava
15.The new class StiFontCollection using what you can add the report fonts that are not installed on the system. Fonts can be seen in the viewr of the report designer.  RWebRNetRWpf
16.IsNull & IsNotNull conditions.  RJava
17.For the
  • tag the indent was incorrectly calculated for the second and subsequent lines at a scale other than 100%.  RNetRWpf
  • 18.Export to PDF. In the mode ImageResolutionMode=Auto the error occured when using the ObjectToDraw property.  RWpf
    19.QRCode. The bug when using BarcodeQRCodeDefaultByteModeEncoding = UTF_8.  RWebRNetRWpf
    20.Ability to set Value List of Series in the DateTime format.  RNetRWpf
    21.Diasbling the Thumbnails panel.  RWpf
    22.Improved export of shapes to the HTML5 format.  RWebRNetRWpf
    23.EngineV2. The last GroupFooter of grouping without conditions was not showing if sorting was applied to the data band with a business object.  RWebRNetRWpf
    24.The error saving the Chart Rotation property in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    25.Improved animation for Gauges.  RWpf
    26.Improved work with parameters in SQL queries in the Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    27.The IconSet condition form. The type of the comparison operation was not saved correctly.  RNetRWpf
    28.Completely redesigned form of the database connection in the report dictionary.  RNetRWpf
    29.Deserialization.  RJava
    30.Issue with the Data Time Step for the Scatter Line.  RNetRWpf
    31.The problem associated with JSON Data and JArray consisting of 1 element.  RNetRWpf
    32.Decimal variables.  RJava
    33.Export to OpenDocument Calc. Some problems with the text overlay on an image.  RWebRNetRWpf
    34.Initial state of the selected values for the dependent variables.  RNet
    35.Relations in WebDesigner.  RJava
    36.Export of charts to HTML5 through SVG.  RNetRWpf
    37.Hyperlinks for the Cluster Bar charts.  RNetRWpf
    38.Now reports request only those data which are used in the report.  RWebRNetRWpf
    39.Catching close designer event in Chrome.  RJava
    40.Parser unary minus.  RJava
    41.Looping the report rendering, if the sub-report uses the same data source as the band, on which the sub-report lies.  RWebRNetRWpf
    42.When autolocalizing a report the culture selected in the report now has priority.  RNetRWpf
    43.The parser of expressions in the interpretation mode - fixed priority of the unitary minus.  RWebRNetRWpf
    44.Export to PDF. The fiixed bug when using FontInfoStore and the property TextQuality=Wysiwyg.  RWebRNetRWpf
    45.Support for MongoDB.  RNetRWpf
    46.PDF export - barcode.  RJava
    47.PDF export - images.  RJava
    48.Serialization/deserialization.  RJava
    49.XPS export.  RJava
    50.The problem with the background of the main menu when using Office2013 and Halo theme for AIR.  RFlex
    51.When deleting sortings, changes to Data Band were not saved.  RWpf
    52.Render looped, if sub-report used the same Data Source as in Master band.  RJava
    53.Export BarCodes to PDF as vector (not as Image) increased quality.  RJava
    54.HTML export line feed.  RJava
    55.Calculated columns.  RJava
    56.Problems with the localization of some listings in the Properties panel for Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    57.Report properties in the Office2013 theme were not displayed by the mouse click or double-click in the preview window to the report page for the Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    58.CrossTab. Correcting offset errors and duplication of headers, in some cases, and not displaying some titles.  RWebRNetRWpfRUWPRSilverlight
    59.Work of the Relations editor.  RWpf
    60.An error with applying the "P3" format for the Chart Table.  RNetRWpf
    61.Improved work of hotkeys in Designer.Wpf.  RWpf
    62.Problem with JSON data adapter in some cases.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
    63.JSON datetime columns.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
    64."Check Style for True" and "Check Style for False" for "Check Box" when mulniselecting.  RNet
    65.If you do not subscribe to the OnCreateReport event in Mobile Designer, then when you create a new report using the wizard, the data from the current report will be connected.  RWeb
    66.An error loading settings of the export menu on the preview panel in Flash Designer, if a theme Office2013 is used.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    67.Retrieve columns error in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
    68.Incorrect work of the PDF417 barcode when using the Byte encoding mode.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
    69.The View Data button to the data source form in Mobile Designer.  RWeb
    70.An exception when rendering the checkbox if Wingdings and Wingdings2 fonts are not installed in the system.  RWebRNet
    71.An export to OpenDocument Calc (ods). Incorrect location of images.  RWebRNetRWpf
    72.An error when viewing a report from the designer, if the List or Range variable is used in the expression of the data source parameter.  RWebRNetRWpf
    73.A rare bug when drawing the check box.  RNet
    74.Incorrect rendering of the TextInCells component, if the font size is increased in the system.  RWebRNetRWpf
    75.Some issues when printing metafiles.  RWpf
    76.The Retrive Colums command in WebDesigner.  RJava
    77.Export to RTF. A rare bug when exporting some specific RichTexts.  RWebRNetRWpf
    78.Errors when working with dependent variables in duplicating values of variables.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
    79.Optimized memory when editing large reports in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    80.Export to Excel. In some cases, when using caching the ExportDataOnly and UseOnePageHeaderAndFooter properties did not work correctly.  RWebRNetRWpf
    81.Refactoring of the form for creation a connection to the database.  RNetRWpf
    82.Interaction properties for the Doughnut chart.  RNetRWpf
    83.Displaying values of the Printer Name property in 2013 themes.  RWpf
    84.The error while dragging data columns in the Cross-Tab component in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    85.PDF417. A problem with the line break.  RPHPRJavaRFlex
    86.A fixed bug with setting the value to the Condition property when multiselecting the Group Header.  RWpf
    87.Variables behaviour.  RJava
    88.The problem with editing a large number of Conditions at the charts.  RWpf
    89.Serializations.  RJava
    90.An error updating filling pages in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    91.Expression division operation.  RJava
    92.EngineV2. The KeepDetails band property did not work properly with values KeepFirstDetailTogether and KeepFirstRowlTogether if the table is a master component.  RWebRNetRWpf
    93.Export to PDF. Some problems with editable checkboxes when viewing the resulting PDF file in a new AdobeReaderDC.  RWebRNetRWpf
    94.Conditions for the chart component.  RWpf
    95.CrossTab: An issue with corrupted headers in some reports.  RWebRNetRWpfRUWPRSilverlight
    96.In the WPF designer the name of the column to sort the band was incorrectly specified.  RWpf
    97.Export to RTF/Word. HTML tags of the &#nnnn; type now exported correctly.  RWebRNetRWpfRPHPRJavaRFlex
    98.An error when there is no value in the file of the additional localization.  RNetRWpf
    99.Work of the StiOptions.Dictionary.ShowOnlyAliasForBusinessObject property.  RWpf
    100.Setting Restrictions for BusinessObject.  RWpf
    101.Improved Intellisense.  RNet
    102.Compilation error when using CSV datasource.  RWebRNetRWpf
    103.The ImageQuality property in the export settings did not work, there was always 100%.  RNetRWpf
    104.Some problems with concatenating of expressions in the interpretation mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
    105.Parser additional operation.  RJava
    106.Export to PDF. An error occurred when there were a lot of check boxes in the report.  RWebRNetRWpf
    107.Неразрывный пробел (non-breaking space) теперь корректно работает в режиме отображения текста Wysiwyg и в экспорте в формат pdf. Non-breaking space now works correctly in the the Wysiwyg mode and export to PDF.  RWebRNetRWpf
    108.The group totals for the text component placed on ChildBand was mistakenly calculated for all DataBand.  RWebRNetRWpf
    109.Issue with charts in WebDesigner.  RJava
    110.Setup of ToolBox.  RNetRWpf
    111.Export to PDF. Some problems with the export of monochrome charts with a transparent background.  RWebRNetRWpf
    112.Export to PDF. Cutting off the invisible part of the barcode.  RWebRNetRWpf
    113.Implementation of strong comparison typing methods and cloning of internal components.  RFlex
    114.Setting the Brush for Vertical Interlacing.  RNetRWpf
    115.The error of compiling report with VB scripting language installed with the incorrect number of arguments of the Totals functions.  RWebRNetRWpf
    116.The erro when Retrieve Columns, if если в SQL запросе использованы некоторые служебные символы во Flash Designer. if some special characters are used in the SQL query in Flash Designer.  RWeb
    117.Totals calculation.  RJava
    118.The problem when using Retrieve Columns in quieries with parameters in Flash Designer.  RWeb
    119.The problem with incorrect definition of TypedTableBase.  RWebRNetRWpf
    120.Ошибка с пустым именем компонента отчета во Flash Designer. The error with an empty name of the report component in Flash Designer.  RWebRPHPRJavaRFlex
    121.Column names in the view data form.  RWeb
    122.When adding the SubReport component in the Band component switching to the first page occured.  RNetRWpf
    123.Erro with conditions.  RJava
    124.Fixed a model with inheritance of report components.  RFlex