Stimulsoft Reports.UWP 2013.2.1700

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New property DataTimeStep.Interpolation for the chart axis
A new chart - Funnel Weighted Slices
Support for the LocalizeReport method of StiReport
The new property Show In Percent of the SeriesLabels for FullStacked Series
The new property Format for the Chart Table
Undo/Redo functions in the WinRT report designer


Huge changes in the importing tool from SharpShooter reports to Stimulsoft
Huge changes in the importing tool from DevExpress reports to Stimulsoft

Fixed Bugs:

When creating the auto series for Bubble and Scatter Series data with the same arguments were missed
Exporting images to PDF
Showing axis when using the Show X Axis and Show Y Axis properties
An issue with rendering various types of Series Labels when rotating them
Support for ChartTable for ClusteredColumn Series
Import.CrystalReports, some issue with the non-standard page size
Processing data for all autoseries, when applying theTopN property
Showing extreme values ​​in combination with the property Labels -> Step