Stimulsoft Reports.Flex 2013.2.1700

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new option FontSizeCorrectionValue. It allows specifying the correction factor of the font size in the export to PDF
A new option DateFormat, allows setting the format to input date on the panel of variables
New functions Arabic() and Persian() in dictionary
Suppoet for parameters in URL to XML data files
The new option ShowPrintDialog allows hiding the printing dialog


Removed the prefix by default "http://" when creating a new XML connection in Flash Designer
Displaying Values ​​instead of Keys in Request from User variables of the type List when the Allow User Values is diabled. Removed the keys in the drop-down list when the user request

Fixed Bugs:

A problem with sorting columns in Cross-tab
A problem in relations with data sources in case the relation is made by several columns
Improved the algorithm for working with XML and XSD data files. Added support for some multi-level tables
An error when using national characters in data column names
In some cases, there was an error of loading a report when using BMP images in Flash Designer/Viewer
A list of types for the Data Source Parameters for some Connection types was not displayed
The Contains method for variables of the List and Range type now works correctly when using the Request From Users and Initialized by DataColumn parameters
An issue with the sorting order of columns in the data band in Flash Designer
A problem with hanging reports when rendering them
Now, if the wysiwyg mode is set for the textbox, then the PDF text will look like in the preview (wraps are in the same places)
An error when creating a Blank Report using the Wizard dialog in the Flash Designer
When editing a report variable, the category of the variable was not saved in Flash Designer
The ImageData property for an Image component was not treated correctly
In some cases, the dialog box of the Report Wizard was not localized when the option RunWizardAfterLoad is enabled
Update in report charts, synchronization algorithms with the .NET version
Some minor fixes in charts when working with axis properties in Flash Designer
Corrections in charts related to displaying date and time in the arguments
Incorrect calculation of the height of a text component with HTML tags
An error while retrieving data from some column names, for example: Count, Values, Keys
Some bugs with removing DataRelations in report dictionary when editorial restrictions is applied
The chart title was incorrectly positioned in different modes
Incorrect operation of the text rotation in the third quarter of the Radar Charts
Null values were not processed ​​for the date got from SQL data
An issue when using expressions in the XML connection
An issues when warking with Drill-Down with internal reports
Some issues when drawing labels on charts
Some issues in charts related to drawing Labels
The Brazilian currency R$ in a format dialog