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Stimulsoft Reports.Fx version 2012.1. Reports as something very simple

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(Stimulsoft) April 4, 2012. Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of components for creating reports and data processing, announces the release of version 2012.1 of the product line Stimulsoft Reports.Fx. The line includes a report generator for Flex, PHP, and Java.

"In childhood, we all played with a construction set. But no matter how good it was, our creative nature always led to our needing new parts – says a head of the Web development department, Vladimir Hotchenko. For this reason, we continually invent and put into life new features for our software products. With each new version, we generate more and more ideas and the reporting tool becomes more beautiful and convenient. And, believe me, we'll never stop."

Important Changes in Brief
It became possible to display the order of the components that are put in the report page. If there are many components, this option will facilitate the design of the report. In addition to the order of the components, the nesting level of the components is displayed.

The list of supported charts is extended with two new types: Radar and Bubble.

In the product Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP, it has become possible to build reports using data from Firebird databases.

All the transmitted data are compressed when communicating the client and server sides. This improves performance and data protection, and also significantly reduces Internet traffic consumption.

In the Stimulsoft Reports.Fx product line supports basic HTML tags in the mode of displaying text in WYSIWYG. It supports such tags as bold and italics, font style, color and text background, font type and size, as well as some other HTML tags.

The new version of our product has a unique opportunity to create report themes. Just one mouse click and one can format the entire report. In addition to the added special tools to create and work with the themes of reports in the Style Editor, the developers also added a set of finished report themes that is ready to be used.

About the Company
Stimulsoft Company is a leading supplier of components to build reports for various platforms. Being based on extensive experience in development, Stimulsoft helps clients create rich applications of unprecedented complexity. The company's products help thousands of developers worldwide to deliver robust applications to its customers.
To get more information about the product, documentation, video tutorials, and to download the demo version of the product, please visit the company's website


NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information, please visit the Stimulsoft website or call +375-29-2125706. A free registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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