Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.2.2

Veröffentlicht am 16. März 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The WPF Designer V1 control for .NET Core Framework.
New maps - Asia, SoutheastAsia.
Custom Map Editor.
The Visible property for YAxis and XAxis in Chart.
The onBeginProcessData event for OData.
Sunburst chart.
The Step property for Chart Labels.
Embed all data to resources.
New option - showRefreshButton - in the viewer.
Hyperlinks in dashboard text elements.
Hyperlinks can be used in the text element and tooltips.
The new property - Stimulsoft.Report.Components.StiText.defaultFont.
The new functionality - report.getFonts().
The filter operation type was added to the Filters window of each element.
Support for Bubble charts in maps.
The Width property for Doughnut series.


The StiShape editor was improved, now it supports the Direction property.
When creating an Excel data source, if you specify a CSV file, the data source will be changed to the required one.
Using alias in the table element of dashboards.
Show report properties by groups.
Change colors for RegionMap.
The Connections form was redesinged.
Work with the dictionary with cursor keys.
Redesigned maps menu in the designer.
Improved rendering of Indicator and Gauge elements when using Font with a large Size value.
Disabled pages will be displayed with grey color in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

A problem with locking files during export, if an error occurs.
Some issues with using data columns with different Name and NameInSource properties in the dashboards.
The report viewer when applying variables is lost, if there is a dashboard.
Some issues with the Embed All Data function when data was not available.
Some issues with a custom formatting of TimeSpan values were fixed.
Rendrering with enabled ReportCache.
Line break problems in a bookmark.
Some issues with the Scatter charts.
Resedigned window - StiDatabaseNewSelectForm.
Problems with the Copy/Paste functionality in WebDesigner.
A problem with the Doughnut Chart.
Issues with Oracle timestamp parameters.
Rotated text in WebDesigner.
Issues with the Number format.
Some issues with the Cyrillic text in RTF.
The problem with the Welcome screen in the designer was fixed if the theme was not loaded.
The problem with rendering pages after scaling in the WPF Viewer.
The page color did not change correctly from PropertyGrid in Wpf Designer V1/V2.
The page background did not appear when printing a report from the WPF Viewer.
A problem with a small table title in the JSON data view window.
The displayed properties for various modes of the Indicator, Gauge, Progress components were adapted (depending on the given data, unnecessary properties will be displayed/hidden).
In DatePicker, in some cases, an error occurred while rendering if data was not specified.
WinForms desiger. Improvements for icons of the scale 125/175.
A problem when opening MDC in WinForms Viewer.
Dashboards. ShortValue was not applied for the given series in Gauge.
Completely redesigned window for creating data sources.
Redesigned drawing maps in the ShortValue mode. Completely redesigned map files. Separate areas are specified, and the position for rendering the ISOCode.
The order of displaying the list of localizations in the ribbon menu has been changed.
The Custom Map Editor was improvements. A new mode for specifying areas and text positions to output ISOCode was added.
The maps displayed the wrong total by groups.
Dashboards WPF. Removing filters did not work in the Custom Filters dialog box.
New maps - SoutheastAsia, Asia, EuropeWithRussia, Central African Republic.
No data was displayed for the country of Bhutan.
The problem with blocking files when exporting a report from the viewer failed.
The issue with resizing incorrect horizontal line when changing Report Units.
Improvements on dashboards in WPF.
DesignerWpf V2. In PropertyGrid, the order of displaying properties for Interactions is changed.
A problem in StyleEditor when using CustomStyle.
String value support for Values in Conditions.
Labels positions for waterfall and sunburst series.
Constant Lines and Strips on Log axis.
Saving chart labels to MRT JSON.
Drawing indicators for HiDPI monitors.
Issues with drawing Radar Series.
Drawing tooltip for Bubble charts.
Tooltip for Pictorials and Doughnut series.
Step Labels Ticks for Chart.
DateTime step for chart.
A bug with StiPanelElement in the mobile mode of the designer.
A problem with big sizes of cookies.
An error with wrapping line in Bookmark.
A bug with filters of null values.
The SendEmail form did not fit the screen in the Mobile mode.
A bug with Latutude in the map component.
A bug with drag & drop image to dashboard from resources.
Export charts toPDF with rotated labels.
Improvements in speed.
An error with Drill-Down.
When saving MRT JSON some properties were saved incorrectly with the default value.
The MSSQL data adapter now returns column types.
Support for instanceName in MSSQL.
Call MySQL procedure.
The problem with copying and pasting text in the MAC designer.
TryParseDateTime = true. When importing data from JSON, it will now always try to parse strings as dates; this was previously disabled.
The issue with the dataColumn type on JSON reader.
An issue with filtering with zero values.
If the query contained a variable the ViewData did not work.
If the data source name or variable contanied "-", events did not work.
Some issues with using data columns with different Name and NameInSou.
The chart label position was loaded incorrectly from MRT XML.
An issue with loading binary data.
The async function for loading a font. .
Processing of the string.Empty value in the parser.
A problem with closing modal windows, which led to the activation of any open window in the system.
Incorrect processing of error messages in SQL queries in some cases in the PHP 7.4 version.
The viewer crashed when you double-click on Collapsing. .
Viewer. The Sort icon disappeared after the first click on it.