Stimulsoft Ultimate 2019.4.2

Veröffentlicht am 14. November 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for .NET Core 3.0.
Support for the CosmosDB connection.
User Sort to Chart,Gauge,Progress,Indicator elements.
The MaximizeAfterCreating option was added to the designer.
Support for Data.World.
The mao of France with 18 departments.
Localization menu was redesigned. Now the list is displayed with columns for easy viewing.
The menu for selecting styles was redesigned. Now the entire list is displayed not as a long list, but as columns.
Dashboards.WPF. Added support for is null/is not null in Table for columns of the String type.
Поддержка WPF проектов при публикации дашбордов. Support for WPF projects when publishing dashboards.
The 'Legend.Direction' and 'Legend.Columns' properties were added to the Chart Element.
WebDesigner events handler.
Added functions - TryParseDateTime, StrToDateTime, StrToNullableDateTime.
The France Departments map.
Export to Excel. New properties StiOptions.Export.Excel.NumberOfPagesInWideToFit and StiOptions.Export.Excel.NumberOfPagesInHeightToFit.
Reports cache for big reports.
Support for retreiving data from the Data.World online service.
Ability to work with Fields Argument and Series in Chart Conditions.


Automatically enables totals for numeric values in the table element editor.
Some improvements of the table element showing in the viewer.
Updated dashboard object creation code in the Publish wizard.
Small CrossTab editor improvements.
Some improvements in sort localization in the table element UI.
Engine. Optimizing RichText for speed.
Export to Excel. Correction of proportions of sizes.
Export to PDF. Minor corrections of text baseline.
The Report.Culture property шы now applied to the DateTimePicker element.
Animating all types of Line series markers for Chart.
Column Chart animation when the Start From Zero axis value is set to false.

Fixed Bugs:

Line feed in BarCode disappeared.
Clear dashboards and report cachs on the server side.
UsesAliases for CreateLabel property was not applied.
If there was no data, the Table element did not show totals.
The problem with tabs in forms for Mac.
A problem with disappearing dropdown menus.
Memory problems. Add dispatch method for designer and viewer.
DatePicker could not select "Today".
A bugs with the boolean text format.
A bug with text word wrap for the AllowHtmlTags property.
All editors of components always appeared only on the main monitor, even if the designer was open on another.
ToolBox. The order of displaying components has been improved.
Ribbon - the select style panel. The problem that caused an error when using some types of charts was fixed.
Some types of chart styles have not been applied to certain series.
Optimized methods for creating lists of component styles. Now they immediately clean their memory and do not leave any trash in the system.
Dashboards.WPF. The Unchecked All option for ListBox/TreeView did not work.
Dashboards WPF. Condition for Pivot was added.
The Interaction parameter values were not saved in JSON.
Dashboards.WPF. Support for the Fit mode in the Table element.
Ribbon Styles. An incorrect series type was displayed for the chart.
The error occurred when exporting a table with total in dashboards.
CrossTab memory optimization.
PivotTable memory optimization.
Issues with the RTF export.
Issues with the PDF export.
Text was trimmed in the export to PDF.
Expressions concatenating string and numeric.
Error exporting report using code in the designer event.
Problems with the RichText editor in WebDesigner.
Text and TimeFormat issues.
Some issues with the Oracle database wizard.
Backslash anchors.
A bug with applying the report culture setting to the chart element.
Oracle parameters in the SQL query.
Currency rounding issues.
The TimeSpan formatter.
DateTime parser & formatter.
GlobalizationStrings could lost when changing a culture.
Now the InvokeExports event is called less often, in some cases it could be very slow.
Engine. The exception occurred in RichText in multi-threading.
Missing the PivotTable element in the .NET Core designer.
Some issues with the text component editor.
Issues with the OData adapter.
Rotating the Halfcycle Marker in charts.
Work with negative Range Color values in Gauge.
Handling the Mouse Over event on a chart.