Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.2.3

Veröffentlicht am 06. Juli 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Editing form for the data source form Cross-tab to Designer.
The combination of keys CTRL + Enter for designer forms.
Saving in the web browser.
The Resources panel in the viewer.
The AvailableInTheViewer check box to the resource form in the designer.
The CheckReportBeforePreview property for the HTML5 designer.
New tests for report resources in Report Checker.
The option to add report resources to the generated documents. A new panel is added to the viewer for viewing and loading resources.
Added the ability to share the report for viewing.
The Map editor in the Designer.
Export to PDF. Added support for MingLiU_HKSCS and MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB fonts.
Export to PDF. The Printable property now works.
Support for save/open page in the designer.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. A new simplified editor Gauge is added. Added support for switching to the old editor in the settings of the designer.
The Excel Value property in the designer.
Map. The ShortName property was added (the IsoCode will be output instead of the name).
New functions - IsNull, Next, NextIsNull, Previous, PreviousIsNull.
The LineSpacing property in the designer.
Winforms, Wpf V1/V2. Support for switching the Line Spacing property in Ribbon.
The LineSpacing and RotateText buttons on the ribbon panel in the designer.
Support for the Map component in the .NET Core components.
Support for custom fonts in .NET Core (only for Windows systems).
Support for embedded fonts.
New maps in WinForms, Wpf V1/V2: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, BosniaAndHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia.
New maps: Estonia, Falkland Islands, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Guyana, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova.
New maps: Monaco, Montenegro, NewZealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, SanMarino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, SouthAfrica, SouthKorea, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand.
New maps: Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam.
The Get Style From Selected Component options with several selected components.
Support for interactive reports in the StringCache mode and when using StiCacheHelper for Web components.
The new RefreshTime property for the report allows you to set the time for automatic updating (rebuilding) of the report in the viewer.
The ability to select a calculated column for series interactions.
The Brush property in the Shape editor.
Checking for the existence of the specified resource for Image, RichText and Sub-Report in the Report Checker.


Viewer. Increased the size of the window so that all buttons be visible in the viewer.
Designer Wpf V2. The StiMap property in the Property panel was not displayed.
Completely updated source code for StiChart, all innovations and changes are added.
Optimized the speed of the HideZero property of the textbox.
Accelerating the rendering of the report in the caching mode, if there are many variables associated with the page numbers.
Export to PDF. An extra cycle of accessing the report cache was removed.
Cloning of several components in the designer.
Optimized the speed of the report rendering when using the RichText component.
The ToQueryString method applies now escaping characters by default.
Removed some extra libraries in the Web MVC and WPF projects.
Improved text wrapping with the StiOptions.Export.Html.PreserveWhiteSpaces option enabled.
The new map editor.
Removed obsolete assemblies - Stimulsoft.Report.Mobile, Stimulsoft.Report.MobileDesign, Stimulsoft.Report.MvcMobile.
Style Designer (WinForms, Wpf V1/V2). The Get Style From Selected Component command did not work correctly for StiGauge, StiTable, StiMap.
StiMap: WinForms/Wpf. Caching maps to speed up their resize in the designer and accelerated rendering in the viewer.
WinForms: StiMap is redesigned with support for scaling.
The mode of rendering the StiMap in the Online mode is accelerated.
The Edit Relation form was redesigned.
Move to Resource - for several DBF/CSV files from the folder.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. When saving the report in the designer, the ability to save to a .cs file was returned.
The status bar in the Preview Designer tab was redesigned.
The Outside label type for the Clustered Bar chart was removed.

Fixed Bugs:

Chart legend marker alignment.
The selection of Brushes in the Watermark editor.
Designer WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. The CopyStyle mode was not applied to Custom styles.
Designer Wpf V2. The Border-> ShowShadow property was not applied.
Style Designer WinForms. An unhandled error occurred if you enable the style name editing mode and change the sorting.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2 StyleDesigner. In some cases, when you added a new style to the collection, it did not specify the CollectionName property.
Editable checkbox.
Exception ForeignKeyConstraint on DataSource.Disconnect.
A rare error when opening some old reports with charts.
The RenderTo property for the textbox did not work correctly.
In some cases, when executing the DataSource.Disconnect method the ForeignKeyConstraint error occurred.
Cross-tab columns rendering.
Chart axis labels WordWrap text.
The problem with setting a business object in the filter in the designer.
GroupSummarySorting did not work in interpretation mode.
GroupSummarySorting was not working.
Charts tooltip.
The chart was the reason of the rendering error of the data band when using the same business object.
Adding fields of the cross-tab component to the report tree in the designer.
GetSampleConnectionString for NoSqlConnections.
Cookie value is out of max value 4096.
Improved support for HighDpiAware in the WYSIWYG mode and when exporting to PDF.
Export to HTML. When the AllowHtmlTags property was enabled, the value of the RightToLeft property was not taken into account.
The error with the cross-tab when changing the summary type.
Drawing a Gantt chart for various report cultures.
Table Header in charts when using Word wrap.
Drill Down in the Treemap chart.
The error with rounding when using columns of the data band.
Export to PDF. The Image.Smoothing property did not work when ImageResolutionMode = Exactly.
Caching images.
Ediable fileds with empty text.
Alignment of images.
The barcode backcolor in the HTML export.
Extra line of declaring scripts when publishing the PHP project.
Export to PDF. The exception occured, if an OpenType font was loaded to the FontCollection.
The Trimming property in the export to HTML.
Hiding the Grow to Height property in the table cells.
Big size shapes in the WebDesigner and export to HTML.
Clearing resources when clicking the new dictionary in the designer.
Bugs in the some help links in the viewer.
Setting the values of report variables from code in the interpretation mode.
Export toExcel. When using the exceltext tag in the trial mode, a corrupted file was generated.
A problem with copying in the designer.
The ProcessingDuplicates property did not affect ExcelValue.
Charts ineraction in RenderMode=Div and CartRenderType=Vector.
A bug with the SQL Command Timeout.
Vietnamese UI localization.
The error when creating JS projects because there was no support for the TLS1.2 protocol.
The problem with some number formats in the Excel export.
More correct definition of numeric types in SQL queries.
Report preview after closing the preview with the Close button in the ribbon menu.
The error while duplicating a style in the Style Designer.
The size of the table cell when the units were changed.
The title of the value table when using the Word Wrap property.
The dash line in charts.
The text alignment in RenderMode Div & Span.
An extra message saying about an empty connection string in SQL queries.
When the project is published, if the connection string is replaced in the code, it will be removed from the report template for security reasons.
The Cross-tab designer failed in WpfV1 when opening.
Bugs with the double data picker, incorrect date ranges were set.
An error occurred when using some types of route templates in MVC components.
By default, the Footer Band was disabled in the MVC HTML5 Designer.
A problem with overriding Connection String when publishing the PHP project.
In some cases, the invalid filename of the report was used when the project was published.
Globalization strings editor in WebDesigner.
A bug with Hatch filling of the component in the JS designer.
The order of the components in the Report Tree in Designer.
A bug with font of the axis title in the chart.
A problem is when the Standalone report is published in the interpretation mode.
The values of SQL parameters on the server side when publishing a PHP project.
In some cases, the size of CrossLinePrimitive was not calculated incorrectly when the report was rebuilt.
A problem in some cases with double rerendering of the report in the HTML5 designer.
The StiOptions.Engine.ForceInterpretationMode property did not work for Sub-reports.
Some unicode characters were not displayed in the Flash components on the report page.
Returned the function in the designer to save reports as dll.
Viewer Wpf. It looked blurry when navigating the bookmarks to a page.
Style Designer. The following styles are not highlighted in the editor: highlight condition, the selected style for the charts, gauges, cross-tabs.
Wrap Cross-Tab on DataBand.
Cross-tab - looping.
Cross-tab Header on the second page.
In WPF, some reports with charts were not opened.
Viewer.exe. In some reports, the page width/page height buttons did not work.
Designer V2, Sub-report editor. It was not possible to add an expression from the dictionary to the TextBox.
Support for Hatch Gradient, Glare, Glass fills for Shapes.
Drawing Shapes as SVG.
Drawing Shapes as SVG when exporting to HTML.
The error occured when calling again the Design() method in StiReport.
Selecting a font for the title of the chart axes.
Shape drawing with shifting.
Drawing Range Series for Charts.
The Edit Resource window did not display the loaded image.
The style of underline text with spaces with AllowHtml set to true for the text component.
Viewer Wpf. When navigating in the viewer by interactions, the page buttons by width/page by height stropped working.
The GlobalizationManager did not work in the interpretation mode.
The exception occurred when exporting the RichText component with incorrect content to some formats.
SiteMap. Cached data was copied incorrectly when the component was cloned.
Viewer WPF. In some cases, when you open a new report, you could not go to the first page.
Wpf: Some report with charts could not be opened.
Wpf V2 SubReport Editor. It was not possible to add an expression from the dictionary.
The border color for the Gauge was not set.
WinForms. Incorrect rendering of the border for the Gauge component.
Custom fonts were not loaded when loading the MRT/JSON template from the code.
Text was not correctly wrapped, if margin is set.
Hanging when displaying some errors in the HTML5 preview of the designer.
An error occurred with business objects in categories in the Flash Designer.
A bug with the DefaultUnit option in the designer.
Cross-tab, alignment by width.
Selecting a column from the data source in the bar-code editor.
The viewer was blinking when saving a report to mdc.
Selection of Custom fonts in Conditions.
Correct displaying of dates with the report culture in the X axis of the chart.
Displaying the selection of the datacolumn from the property panel for monitors with a small screen extension.
Correct values for DateTime variables depending on the report culture.
PreventIntersection for Outside Pie Labels.
Automatic adjustment of the chart legend size when Auto or 0 is selected for the Columns property.
A new mode for the labels of the axis Placement - Auto Rotation.
Cross-tab total field.
A bug with dependent variables in the viewer.
Handling errors related to the RichText component in the .NET Core.
Some images in the RichText component were not processed correctly.
Export to PDF. Export settings did not affect svg render resolution.
Export to PDF. Incorrect text output when the WinFormsHighAccuracyWordWrap option is enabled.
In Number, Currency, and Percent TextFormats, the Decimal Digits property was not correctly loaded on some systems.
The ShiftMode property for objects placed directly on the page did not work.
EngineV1. Exception occurred when compiling the report, if there is a datasource with the name 'States'.
The values of Editable fields in the Single page mode were lost.
Catching of some errors when libexcel.dll was not found.
XML parser.
An error occurred when using non-ASCII characters in the name of the report file in the .NET Core components.
The error with loading reports in .NET Core using multi-level conditions in components.
WinForms. All export forms failed if they were run from the console application, or when there were no other open windows in the application.
Исправлена проблема с загрузкой custom стилей отчета в json. The problem with loading custom report styles to JSON.
Incorrect height of the bookmark cursor for some report components in the HTML5 viewer.
Export to PDF. An issue with Asian fonts that contain unicode (national) characters in the name.
EngineV2. Now clipping of the contents of Sub-Report is correctly done when outputting already rendered reports (mdc).
XMLHttpRequest warning in the HTML5 viewer and HTML5 designer requests.
WPF V2, Property panel. Some StiBorder properties were not updated after they were modified.
The Color for StiCrossTabStyle from XML was not loaded.
The empty item to the Render to property.
Export to XPS. Support for the system font scaling.
GS1-128 barcode. AI 01 and 02 now support GTIN-8, GTIN-12 and GTIN-13.
The RenderTo textbox property did not work correctly.
Export to PDF. The exception on the ReduceFontFileSize method for some fonts.
When calculating the height of the text, the Wordwrap property was not taken into account.
Export to MS-Word. The exception occured when exporting checkboxes when report caching is enabled.
Export to XPS. The exception on components with zero width or height.
Dependent variables in the StringCache mode for Web components.
Designer V2 Variable Editor. The manu of the variable type was not hidden when selecting the type image.
Designer Wpf V2. An error occurred in the property panel, if to change values of the Anchor property change.
Displaying markers when MarkerAlignment = Center for Two Columns Pie Labels.
Animation for Treemap charts.
The status of the report in Preview when switching the preview mode.
Filling the Report name field when saving to the cloud.
Conditions. Multiple levels in the Highlight Condition.
The error when working with CopyStyle.
Displaying Labels in charts, depending on the report culture.
Interaction in charts.
Chart labels. When disabling the text wrapping of the X axis, the headers were not fit.
Charts axis rendering.
In some cases, there was incorrect processing of JSON of the rendered report when it is loaded into the viewer.
Interactive sorting if there was a space in the name of the data source.
WPF. The correct maximizing of Ribbon windows, if the Windows Taskbar was not at the bottom.
The problem with the scaling of Watermark.