Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.1.7

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for StiPreviewSettings.Editor in the Web Viewer.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. Completely redesigned StyleDesigner: - now the list of styles is displayed as a tree with grouping by CollectionName; - added support for filtering styles (you can select one or more types of styles to display in the editor); - added support for sorting styles; - added support for searching styles by name.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. Completely redesigned StyleDesigner: - the toolbar is optimized; - added shortcut menu; - added the ability to delete an entire group of styles with one CollectionName.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. Completely redesigned StyleDesigner: - added support for Drag&Drop (now you can easily move the style from one group to another without using the property panel); - added OK and Cancel buttons. Now every change in styles is not applied immediately but only after clicking OK. It also allows you to undo all changes in styles.
The new static option - StiOptions.Export.Html.PreserveWhiteSpaces = true;.
Publish of JavaScript project using the React framework.
The new static property - StiOptions.Engine.Globalization.AllowUseVariableAlias=true to localize the RequestFromUsers labels.
Designer Wpf V2 did not support DragDrop fonts as resources.
Wpf Designer V1/V2. Displaying small Conditions/Filter/Interaction/SortingDirection icons on the component are now drawn with scale.
WinForms. It was impossible to Drag&Drop reports and other files in the designer if the report was not specified.
Designer Wpf V1 / V2. Ribbon. Applying the collection of styles is now grouped more comfortably.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2 Designer. Added support for Custom styles in StyleDesigner.
The option to select Brush is added in the Shape form.
Fonts from resources support.
The ability to add report templates and built-in reports to resources.
The ability to use report templates and built reports from resources as sub-reports.
New types of resources (Pdf, Word, ReportSnapshot).
Support for sub-reports from resources.
The Move to resource button to edit the connection form in the designer.


Redesigned the style editor form in the designer.
Some improvements in the import from Microsoft Reporting Service (report parameters, aggregate functions).
Export to Word. Compatibility settings for Word-2010/2013/2016.
StiMap. There are no more DataSource and BusinessObject properties but all properties with columns now support the full path to the column.

Fixed Bugs:

The temp file was not deleted when the report was compiled into stream.
Export to Excel. Rare exception with a specific report structure.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. File Database: The MoveToResource button. Modification with its blocking, if there is nothing to move to resources.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2: File Database. A system message appeared, if OpenFileDialog was opened and a resource was specified.
The exception in some cases when you split a RichText component into parts.
Charts list of values.
Corrections in the container of all objects which require moving.
StiParser, ternary operator - the transition address is replaced by a relative one.
A bug with opening style files in the designer.
In some cases, there was incorrect operation of several ternary operators in one expression.
The ToCurrencyWordsPtBr function. Iincorrect display of numbers for which the lowest three digits are zeros.
Designer WinForms/Wpf V1/V2. When Drag&Drop any file, the selection menu was always displayed to add the DataSource/Resource.
A bug with UseLastFormat in the designer.
A bug with the Cross-tab component in the Firefox browser.
The error with text alignment on the chart legend in Flash.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. Redesigned methods to Drag&Drop files in the dictionary/designer if no report is specified. Various unprocessed errors are detected.
Designer Wpf V1/V2. After applying the style collection, the report components were not redrawn.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. StyleDesigner after the creating the collection of styles, it was not selected in the tree.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2. The Copy Style tool after applying the chart style, an error occurred while compiling the report.
Animated charts.
The error of the absence of system libraries in Report Checked for .NET Core.
WinForms. Incorrect displaying of the status of the enabled disabled buttons of the Properties/Dictionary/ReportTree panels.
Export to PDF. Editable fields did not work correctly for TextQuality=Wysiwyg.
A bug with SeriesTitle in interactive charts.
A bug with component types in the components list on the property panel.
Static shadow in charts.
Wrapped rotated text in charts labels.
A bugs with properties of the StiTable component.
VirtualSource based on other VirtualSource - there was an exception if there was a point in a name of a used column of the first source.
A bug with the RichText table cell.
Showing the decryption error in the viewer.
Applying the border styles to a shape from a collection of styles.
Correct displaying the names of properties in the buttons of the shape editor.
Drawing the signatures of the axes depending on the culture of the report.
Import from Microsoft Reporting Service. The exception on process of some QueryParameters.
Chart y-axis range maximum/minimum.
Chart display lines at boundary position.
Errors in the sub-report editor when choosing hyperlinks in WPF.
The issue with American format of dates in filters for the Flash designer.
Report variables in StringCache and StringSession modes.
A bug with loading Sub-report Parameters from the report file in the JSON format.
Drill-down in charts when clicking on Labels.
The first drill-down transition in the charts.
Style 28 for charts.
Drawing of Labels for Charts.
An error occurred in the export of the date to Excel in a Cross-tab in Flex.
WinForms, WPF V1/V2. The property panel did not display properties if you select the report first, and then add the new component to the page.