Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.1.5

Veröffentlicht am 16. Januar 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Publish of a JavaScript project using the Vue.js framework.
Winforms, WPF V1/V2. The Save button Save in resources is added.
Designer Wpf V1/V2. StiInteractionCTService is added.
Publish of the JavaScript project using the Angular framework.
WinForms, Wpf V1/V2: The new datasource based on a resource.
The LocalizationDirectory property. The ability to load the list of localizations in the HTML5 designer.
WinForms, Wpf V1, Wpf V2. Dragging files into the dictionary with a choice (add as source or as a resource).
Support for all types of interactivity in DIV and SPAN modes for the HTML5 viewer.
Properties to setup the preview window in the HTML5 designer.
The new static option - StiOptions.Engine.Image.ConvertSvgToBitmap=true.
The Gauge component.
The Pictorial chart.
The find functionality by items in the request parameters.
Ability to override connection parameters in the HTML5 Viewer.
Support Use Aliases in the dictionary of the designer.
The Map component.
The new overload of the DateSerial(ticks) function.
The TextInCells component.


Designer Wpf V2. Ribbon -> Info - updated icons with support for 4K.
The About window for all Web components is updated.
Updated algorithms for loading localization files for Web components.
Export to HTML. Now RichText with a transparent background is exported more correctly.
Now internal exceptions are not displayed when checking the syntax of expressions in the debug mode.
Min/Max functions now return 0 if there is no data.
Algorithm for searching routes for .NET Core components was changed.
Sorting values of the Value type for Request From User variables.
Scrolling to the component that was selected in the Report Tree.
In the interpretation mode, the ternary operation (cond ? Exp1 : exp2) now works correctly.
Export to SVG. Improved displaying of Right-to-Left multi-line text in different browsers.

Fixed Bugs:

The problem with dual data sources for the image in the Flash designer.
Viewer WPF. The initialization of the TimeSpan variable is the current time, not the value.
Improved the structure of the JavaScript code for projects.
The extra error message when caching is disabled in the HTML5 viewer.
A bug with the business object path.
A bug with the report checker in the JS designer.
A bug with the position of the report page in the SPAN mode for the HTML5 viewer.
Other parameters in the DB connection string.
The Collapsing function.
WinForms, Preview. In preview, StiForm slightly reduced the height and the controls at the bottom could not fit.
Disadvantages of saving a report to JSON which contains charts with new types of series.
The Insert tab is the Ribbon designer. Not all types of shapes were displayed.
Export to HTML. Now colors with partial transparency are correctly displayed.
Export to data. In some cases, extra column names appeared.
In some cases, there was an exception on the TextFormat editor if it was called from the PropertyGrid.
Export to XML. Settings from the ExportDocument method were not passed.
In some cases, RichText did not correctly break into pages.
Gauge. The Value was not rendered correctly, if it was greater than Maximum.
Controls in the edit variable form were not reset.
Coding error when exporting from code to .NET Core.
Designer V2. When drag&drop to the dictionary of the file data source, the wrong item in the tree was selected.
WinForms Designer. The ViewData window was displayed with the wrong icon.
When calling ImageEditor from the PropertyGrid, the images were forcibly converted to Bitmap.
The problem with some preview settings in the .NET Core HTML5 Designer.
Saving Allow Apply Style in Pie Series.
Show Shadow for Pie Series.
The error in the browser console about not existing resource.
The spinner was shown when selecting a dictionary item.
An error occurred while editing the dictionary element and switching to another element.
The preview appears if you add an empty Cross-tab to the page.
The Goto page function JavaScript error in the HTML5 Viewer.
A bug with the FirstRowIsHeader property when saving the Excel connection.
A bug with the line primitive when the style was set to none.
The button to edit the report when opening another one in the HTML5 viewer did not appear (and did not disappear).
An issue with the Excel data source in the HTML5 Designer.
StiBaseStyle method Equals() did not support StiTableStyle, StiGaugeStyle, StiMapStyle. There were problems when working with collections.
The ternary operation (?:).
In some cases, the invalid date format when editing filters on the data band in the Flash designer.
The TopN property for Scatter Series.
In some cases, image from variable did not work if the compilation was compiled using the Compile (path) command.
Now case insensitive syntax for VB is in the interpretation mode.
StandardWizard. A bug when adding a new data source (Sql) by clicking on the NewQuery button.
Designer V2. The error of sterting the designer from the report.DesignV2WithWpf() code was fixed.
A bug with scrolling the page when opening the options menu.
The Totals.Rank now works correct.