Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.1.4

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Publish project for .NET Core 2.0.
WinForms, Wpf, Wpf V2. The new Move to Resource button in file data types.
Added functions - System.Convert.ToBoolean, System.Convert.ToByte, System.Convert.ToChar, System.Convert.ToDateTime, System.Convert.ToDecimal, System.Convert.ToDouble, System.Convert.ToInt16, System.Convert.ToInt32, System.Convert.ToInt64, System.Convert.ToSByte, System.Convert.ToSingle, System.Convert.ToString, System.Convert.ToUInt16, System.Convert.ToUInt32, System.Convert.ToUInt64.
Added functions - Convert.ToBoolean, Convert.ToByte, Convert.ToChar, Convert.ToDateTime, Convert.ToDecimal, Convert.ToDouble, Convert.ToInt16, Convert.ToInt32, Convert.ToInt64, Convert.ToSByte, Convert.ToSingle, Convert.ToString, Convert.ToUInt16, Convert.ToUInt32, Convert.ToUInt64.
Added functions - Math.Round, Math.Pow, int.Parse, double.Parse, Double.Parse, decimal.Parse, Decimal.Parse, DateTime.Parse, string.IsNullOrEmpty, String.IsNullOrEmpty, string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace, String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace.

Fixed Bugs:

WinForms, Wpf, Wpf V2. The NoData panel in the data dictionary is locked, if no report is specified.
The error occurred when selecting an item of the list in the HTML5 viewer in the mobile mode.
Incorrect location of the WebContent folder while publishing the Java project.
The error occurred when changing the SQL connection string in the Publish of the C# projects.
An error occurred while loading the extended interface localization file.
Silverlight. Support for ImageBytesToDraw, ImageBytes in the StiImage component.
Invalid date format when editing filters on the data band in the Flash designer.
StandardWizard. If you click Finish on the Styles stage, the wizard automatically switches to the last step and the Finish button was diabled and the wizard could not be finished.
StandardWizard/MasterDetailsWizard. If you change the theme the borders of components were output incorrectly.
Improved publish of the project for Node.js.