Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.8

Veröffentlicht am 06. Juli 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for "select items from data column" in the variable items form.
Added the ability to load fonts in the async mode. Some browsers did not load in the synchronous mode. Stimulsoft.Base.StiFontCollection.addOpentypeFontFileAsync(function () { }, "Font.ttf");.
The declaration file (*.d.ts) will now be delivered.
Checking of names for parent and child data sources in the relation form.
Ability to set the PHP event handler options for JS components.
Licensing the product by the AJAX request. Now it is enough to just copy the license.key to the stimulsoft folder. The ability to add verification of the authorized user.
Support for moving items in the dictionary in the designer.
Automatic updating of the report cache on the server for the HTML5 viewer. Can be disabled using the AllowAutoUpdateCache property.


Export to PDF. Improved support for PDF/A Compliance - now in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 transparency is allowed.
Added navigation by pages for the view mode = continous in the viewer.
By default the fullscreen mode is set for the .NET Core report designer.
Changed property values for HTML5 components - CacheTimeout = 10 min, RequestTimeout = 30 sec.

Fixed Bugs:

Crash when using Guid Variable.
The Trial state in JS Preview.
A bug with the image watermark in the preview of the designer.
Some corrections in the interface for displaying style formatting (Style Designer).
The work of the report checker in the Preview tab.
When you save a report template in a Json format to a stream after the end of the recording, the stream was closed.
Export to Excel. Extra lines in the ExportDataOnly mode.
In some cases, when exporting to some formats, ClearType was disabled in the system.
Connection to the database was not closed after retrieving parameters.
The Restore Defaults button in the Options window.
The designer crashed when deleting the resources of the data source.
The error with new values of request from user datetime variables in the list for the Flash viewer.
The SaveReportAs action for MVC HTML5 Designer.
Some fixes with Oracle RefCursor parameters.
An error in the designer when loading the JPG image into resources.
The designer falls when specifying the dependent variable on itself.
A bug with exports, when a report has bookmarks.
Some bugs with the tree map chart in the designer.
Intersection Labels in charts.
Editing Watermark Text.
The Color Each property for Treemap series.
Text formatter - custom format.
Previously, in pure Node.js, all xml (data, localizations, mrt) files were not working. Now there is an xml parser and in the nodejs.
The error using JavaScript commands for the Flash designer.
PDF export with non-standard page sizes.
If the required PHP driver for a particular database adapter was not found, an appropriate error was thrown.
Incorrect processing of the URL to the data, if it contains spaces.
The JSON data did not work as a simple array.
The image in the variable of the Image type was not remembered, if the value of the expression was selected before that.
Updating the column list for values in the Chart Wizard when adding New Data Source.
V2: The value editor for the Assign Expression parameter in Highlight Condition.
The rotated text in the Flash viewer was not displayed in some cases.
Dragging the column to the drill down parameters.
Absence of some properties for the table of charts in the designer.
In some cases, hyperlinks using bookmarks did not work in exported reports.
Displaying gallery in the Image Editor.
Conflict with the WordWrap property with the flex-direction style in the designer.
Exporting and printing a detailed report in some cases did not work correctly in the Flash viewer.
Migration on TypeScript 2.4.
A bug with check report in the designer.
The Save&Load position of the Data Selection window.
CSP(Content Security Policy). Problems with "eval" in source code in the Designer.
Export to PDF. Now FontsInfoStore was not used by default for the Wysiwyg/AllowHtmlTags mode, because there were some problems in Azure. To enable it, you should enable the StiOptions.Export.Pdf.ForceUseFontsInfoStoreForWysiwyg property.
File was locked after StiSerializeManager.deserializeReport.
Report serialization (StiParameter).