Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.3

Veröffentlicht am 12. Mai 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for ViewData in Designer V2.
Support .NET Standard 1.6 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 for NetCore components.
The Drill-down from of the external report file for the HTML5 Viewer.
The new JSON parser V2.
Designer V2. If many components are displayed in the Toolbar of the Ribbon panel and they do not fit the screen, a horizontal scrollbar is added.


Report thumbnails with scaling are now created in the designer.exe.
The What's new command for the current release is added in the Update window.
Dependencies for obsolete classes and properties for the StiWebDesignerFx component.
Import.Rdl. Some minor issues.
EngineV2. Optimizing the speed of rendering very large reports.

Fixed Bugs:

A bug in the wizard form, if the last step was not reached.
A bug in the wizard form, if the table is selected.
Improved themes - 2007, 2010.
Interactive actions and variables requested by the user did not work for some types of reports in MvcViewerFx.
The TimeSerial function worked incorrectly.
The globalization editor in Designer JS.
Localization of some elements in the designer.exe after choosing other localization file.
Issues with showing version and description of the available build in the update window.
Excel data were hung if an empty or not existed path to the file was specified.
The report locale is considered in all text formats.
The value of the AssignExpression property was not saved and loaded.
The value of the AssignExpression property was not saved and loaded in JSON mrt.
A bug with the Conditions form interface.
A bug with the Break If True property in the Conditions form.
Designer V2. The text in the Condition dialog of the style was not localized.
Designer V2. In some cases, in the Property Grid, when selecting several elements, -1 was added in the properties of the Enum type.
A bug with language of the documentation in the Designer.
Adding the Gauge style by clicking the F7 in the Style Editor.
Several problems with FIPS support.
Footers with the enabled PrintOnAllPages property are now displayed in the correct order.
View data was hanging, if there were no data.