Stimulsoft Ultimate 2016.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The ID parameter for the MvcViewerFx and MvcDesignerFx.
Support for resources of dictionary in the Designer.
Band Filter for the XML export in the Flash Viewer and Flash Designer.
Support for image hyperlinks from resources and variables in the page watermark.
The StiOptions.Dictionary.setIgnoreLastSemicolonQuery() option.
Support for connecting resources to CSV, DBF, Excel, Json, XML data in the Designer.
The ability to use resources when connecting data.
Support for drag & drop resource files in the dictionary in the Designer.
The OData connection edit form to Designer.
Support for drag & drop csv, xls, xlsx, dbf, json, xml files in the dictionary in the Designer.
Support for SegmentPerWidth & SegmentPerHeight pages properties in Designer.
The report tree in the Designer.
The CommandTimeout properties to the edit form for SQL datasources.
The Culture report property in the Designer.
The ability to encrypt reports in the Designer.
The report checker in the Designer.
Globalization editor in Designer.
Support for serialize/deserialize template/report to the JSON format.
Bookmarks in the JS Viewer.
The OnPrintReport event for WebViewerFx.
Ability to change export settings in the HTML or PDF file when printing in the WebViewer.
Support for XML. Data can be taken from attributes.
The DatePickerFirstDayOfWeek property in the Viewer and Designer.
The SaveReportTemplateMode and SaveReportTemplateAsMode options in MVC Mobile Designer.
Show component positions in the status bar in the Designer.
The localize property grid button to Designer.
The new property - StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowMainMenuHelp.
The GlobalReportCache property for StiWebViewerFx.
Support of encrypting report in the JS Designer.


Redesigned watermark form in the Designer.
Updates of some MvcDesignerFx options.
The Image editor is redesigned.
Redesigned image form in the Designer.
Dragging images, fonts, mrt, mrz, rtf files to the data dictionary.
The summary direction button in the Cross-tab component form the Designer.
Updated appearance of the Designer.
Easy form of the export to PDF.
Redesigned export settings form.

Fixed Bugs:

Drill-down and parameters panel drawing for Office2013 theme in Flash Viewer.
Support for variable type of image in the Desugner.
Empty preview window without special action in the MvcDesignerFx.
Redesign of the image variable form.
Redesigned the page watermark form.
The bug with chart areas properties in the Designer.
The JSF component.
Fixed bug with totals and headers in the wizard form of Designer.
Dispaying Reports Connections in the in New Data Source form.
The new Bands Filter property for the XML export.
Remove SYS elements from the Create Datasource wizard.
The File property of the File component is now an expression.
Empty table "Table1" when using JSON data.
Support for images of variables and resources in the page watermark.
Some minor bugs in export forms.
A bug with connection selection in the data source edit form.
A bug with small wisywig text in Flash Designer.
Iimages from resources and variables to the page setup form in the Designer.
The WebDesigner Image component.
Shotcuts F4 (Properties, Ctrl+Shift+D (Dictionary), Ctrl+Shift+L (Report Tree).
Some changes in the Variable Edit form for the Image variable.
In some cases, incorrect work of the print option in the PDF for the Flash Viewer.
The button for getting sample connection string to edit form.
RichText can load RTF files from byte fields of a database.
The RichText editor is redesigned.
Displaying Thumbnails of charts.
If to close the current report in the designer, and then open a new one - it always opens a new blank report but not the one that was loaded.
The problem with ignoring in many cases the StiOptions.Engine.BaseReportType property.
The issue in the Map component to connect the data source. Columns were incorrectly treated.
Style Editor. When selecting the custom color in ColorDialog, the CustomColors list is saved and subsequent opening restores the latest version.
If the Restrictions property of components was set to forbid moving and changing the size of the component, then it still was able to change these values through the property panel.
The bug when creating the Funnel Weighted Slices chart in the Designer.
Series Filters in Chart.
WebViewer width in the full screen mode.
The PostreSQL query with more than one parameter.
Calculation of the Х axis of the Gantt Chart, if the values are set throughDateTime.
WebViewer serialization error.
Images in WebDesigner.
MVC viewer printing without preview in IE 10/11.
Web Viewer printing without preview in IE 10/11.
The ReportSave quick button.
The bug with the condition property in the GroupHeader band.
The bug with Cross-tab fields when changing units in a report.
Show list types Charts in the Chart Wizard.
The Distance property for Pie Chart.
The Oracle connection parameters.
The WebDesigner requestHeaderContentType option to configure Content-Type header of JS Ajax requests from WebDesigner.
The PDF print dialog did not appear automatically in WebViewerFx.
WebVeiwer memory leak on refresh page.
Ability to specify various types of Series Labels for Pie Series.
The SeriesLighting and SeriesShowShadow properties in the Customer ChartStyle.
The error when loading a report with styles for dialogs, maps and gauges in the Flash designer.
Chart labels conditions.
Update miniatures of charts in the Chart Editor.
Bookmarks in WebViewer.
The DateTime range variable editing in WebDesigner.
The new property "Text After" for the Chart Table.
Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V WebDesigner handling.
The Web preview with Text over rectangles.
Printing error in PDF in the WebViewerFx.
The WebDesigner Format editor.
Showing Thumbnails.
The error with double screening of the / character in some cases.
The bug with displaying properties of export types in the HTML5 Viewer.
Column lines of the page were not shown.
After selecting the Excel file in Recent on the New Data Source form, the path to the file was not filled.
The bug when sending SQL parameters containing symbols ' or "".
"overflow: hidden" to the body in the JS Designer.
Datetime parameters in the DB query.
The bug with the disappearance of the pages panel after preview in the Designer.
The StandardPdfFonts, UseUnicode, Compressed properties are deleted from the PDF export.
The bug with disabling all controls after closing a report in Designer.
The error when loading report with certain parameters in Conditions in the Flash Designer.
The bug with tooltips in the Viewer.
"Embedded Data" to the connection form in the Designer.
The nullable variables in WebViewer and WebDesigner.
Thread-safe localization collection for the HTML viewer.
The problem with UTF-8 data of certain types of the Firebird database fields.
A bug with zoom menu in the viewer.
The Embedded Data option is added to all files of data sources.
Problems with UTF-8 encoding when using the MSSQL adapter in the JS viewer and designer.
Nullable variables.