Stimulsoft Ultimate 2015.3

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new static option StiOptions.Export.Excel.SheetViewMode.
Two new functions ToWordsEnIn(), ToCurrencyWordsEnIn().
MySQL DataAdapter for Node.js.
MS SQL DataAdapter for Node.js.
MySQL DataAdapter for PHP.
MS SQL DataAdapter for PHP.
Dictionary Synchronize.
Designer and Viewer Error Form.
Report Variables.
Support for data from OData.
Support for data from Excel.
Support for data from Firebird.
The Find Panel in the HTML veiwer.
Support for multi-level detail of the report in the HTML veiwer.
Support for dependent variables in the HTML veiwer.
Editable reports in the HTML viewer.
Support for Collapsing in the HTML veiwer.
Improved bookmarks for the HTML viewer - added highlighting of the desired line.
Ability to change time in the Datetime picker in the HTML viewer.
Support for mobile devices with the Touch interface in the HTML viewer.
New themes for the HTML viewer - Office2010Black, Office2010Silver, Office2013WhiteCarmine, Office2013WhiteGreen, Office2013WhiteOrange, Office2013WhitePurple, Office2013WhiteTeal, Office2013WhiteViolet.
The Close button for the drill-down panel in the HTML viewer.
Dynamic sorting for the HTML viewer.
Report detailing in the HTML viewer.
The Save As event to the mobile designer.
As a path to XML/XSD files, you can now specify not only the path to a file on disk but URLs to them.
Drag&drop components from the toolbox in the Mobile designer.
Support for parameters in URL to JSON and XML data.
Changed the approach of loading JSON data in dataset.
The bar-code component.
The ability to view data from the designer (View Data).
Adding formatting of strings (String.format()).
The bar-code component.
UI localization in the JS report viewer and designer.
Localizations are added.
The encryption of connectionString in the report template.
Support for localizations in the Windows designer.
Support for WebSphere 5 & IBM Java SDK.
The preview in the mobile designer in replaced on the fully functional viewer. Now the mobile designer need Stimulsoft.Report.Mobile.dll.
Loading JSON array feature.
The Layout tab in the mobile designer.
The Layout tab in the report designer.
The Filter Engine property in the Flash report designer.
The AllowUseAsSqlParameter property was added for the variables.
The text format editor in Mobile Designer.
The 'SumDistinct' function.
The Text format editor to JS Designer.
Ability to load relations to the data dictionary in the Designer.
The text format editor in MVC Mobile Designer.
The Layout tab in the MVC Mobile Designer.
The Save As event in the MVC Mobile Designer.
SQL parameters in the MVC Mobile Designer.


Export of bar-codes to SVG using primitives.
SqlDataBase connectionString is now encrypted when running the report as a class and in the Code tab of the designer.
Export to PDF. Optimization of export of check boxes.
Export to PDF. All shapes are now exported as primitives.
Now the text with HTML tags looks better when increasing system dpi.
Changed the procedure of filling columns of the date band in the DownThenAcross mode.
Column lines in the mobile designer.
Column lines in the MVC Mobile Designer.
Redesigned new datasource form in the MVC Mobile Designer.
Improved work of the WordWrap and Angle properties for the Text component.

Fixed Bugs:

The condition blank_space value serialization.
GlobalizationManager did not work doe the drill-down report.
The error when releasing report resources when caching images is enabled.
When the number of columns is more than 701 the result file was damaged.
Export to HTML. Now color (0,255,255,255) is processed correctly.
When closing the edit menu of the bar-code the rotation angle of the bar-code was not saved.
The Collapsed property now works correctly in the interpretation mode.
Style Form is not shown.
Condition Form is not shown.
Some fixes in the Chart Form.
Chart Drawing.
StiImage Clone did not work.
JSON Data did not read Array Type.
HtmlStyle when one time rendering a report in the viewer and designer.
Add DataRelations in Form did not work.
Designer Options Dictionary not work.
Sum function not work correctly.
Selection of filter values for the chat.
Export to Excel. The Use One Page Header and Footer property sometimes worked incorrectly when using the Cross components.
Enhanced logging & error message or report render.
Exception after dragging a container from page to page using the report tree.
Logger errors.
The text editor worked incorrectly.
Errors when working with variables.
Rendering of the Gantt chart with data type DateTime.
The page column width property.
Displays number without exponential notation.
Hide connection password in logs.
StiPage - pageUnit serialization.
Work of the IsAllowChange property.
Down Then Across on a multi-columns of DataBand.
In some cases, the background color (0, x, x, x) of the RichText component was incorrectly processed.
Loading images by URL with parameters.
Importing of Excel data works faster.
Displaying CheckBox.
Displaying Shape issues.
Failed to load template from XML when the units are set to millimeters.
Removed the namespace "System".
The problem of cutting the text.
Errors in undo/redo with cross primitives in the Flash designer.
The error with Retrieve Columns.
Errors of loading the report template.
MySQL. Fixed issue with specifying the connection port.
JSON XML Database fixed issue with the saving path.
In some cases, the vertical alignment of cross-tab cells was incorrectly saved when saving to the mdc file.
The text of the bar-code was incorrectly displayed with the large font size set.
The SumDistinct function was incorrectlyworking when using the Totals prefix.
The PrintOn property now works correctly for cross-primitives.
The BandFilter export property incorrectly worked for bands with the enabled PrintOnAllPages property.
Showing CheckBox values in preview.
Wrong showing the CheckBox.
The Chart form was not shown.
Setting only one language.
Rendering SubDetail reports.
The queryString property in the SQL database.
Saving the report template when using JSON data.
The algorithm for loading JSON is reworked.
Wrap in Preview.
Fixed some issues with displaying text in the WYSWYG mode (word wrap for the Chinese and Japanese, the width of a character when zooming).
The error with borders of components when rendering reports.
A bug with special symbols in the names of datasources.
Errors of rendering components using the Print On property.
The data band was not rendered when placed on the panel.
If the margin is 0 then the tempate was not loaded correctly.
Bar-codes were not parsed when rendering.
The System.Convert functions.
Error with the definition of two-pass rendering mode of the report.
Refreshing the conditions of buttons in the Strips and Constant Lines editor.
Drag&drop components from the toolbox in the MVC Mobile designer.