Stimulsoft Ultimate 2014.2

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for Dependent Variables in Flash Designer and Flash Viever.
Undo/Redo function for Flash Designer.
Export to PowerPoint now supports hyperlinks.
The new property CanInvisible in Mobile Designer and Mobile Designer for MVC.
Sorting of groups by the sum of the group is now working correctly.
The global event StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.OpenHelp.
The function JoinColumnContent.
'Save form values' option is added for sending by email form.
Email address validation before sending message.
Added 'Allow Editable' property to PDF export form of StiWebViewer and StiMvcViewer.
A new StiWebViewerFxOptions.Print.ShowPrintDialog option for StiWebViewerFx.
The new theme Office2013 for the Flash Designer and Viewer.
The new property DateFormat for MvcDesigner and MvcViewerFx.
The new property PrintAutoPageScale for MvcDesigner and MvcViewerFx.
The chart editor in Mobile Designer.
The chart editor in Mobile Designer for MVC.
Support text rotation for text components in the Flash Designer.
Prevent the dialog box goes out of the screen in the Flash Designer and Viewer.
The new static property StiOptions.Engine.RenderRichTextInOtherDomain (to avoid errors of WPF - memory leaks when processing richtext with images).
Support for objectbeans (classes with the data) as a database.
Export to Excel2007. The text with HTML tags is now exported as formatted text; to restore the old behavior, property must be enabled StiOptions.Export.Excel2007.RenderHtmlTagsAsImage = true.
The new property ShowMoreDetailsButton for WebDesigner.
New themes for mobile designer and mobile viewer.
The new property 'ShowAboutButton' in Mobile Designer.
When creating a new Data Source with Data from a CSV file, now you can specify the separator used in it.
The DateFormat property for the MvcViewer component. If it is not set than the web browser settings are used for formatting the date.
The new static property StiOptions.Export.Html.UseExtendedStyle is added to solve compatibility issues when overriding global styles.
The property StiOptions.theme allows setting one of the following topics: Blue, Silver, Black, Office2013.
Support for globalization.
Options ShowTooltipsHelp, ShowFormsHelp, ShowFormsHints for components MvcDesigner и MvcVieweFx.
The new action CreateReportTemplate for the Flash MvcDesigner component.
Export to PDF. Added support for digital signatures using certificates CryptoPro.


The property Filter Engine is now located in the form Data Setup.
The new editor for Sub Report.
Scrolling for the Request from User variables of the type List.
New minimum system requirements - Flex SDK 4.6, AIR 3.1, Flash Player 11.1.
The default theme is Office2013 for Flash Designer and Flash Viewer.
Optimized report rendering time, especially when Unlimited Height property of the page is set to True .
Optimization of chart drawing time on large set of data.
Enhanced the work of the ShiftMode property.
DotMatrix preview. Optimizing the speed of work.
Optimizing drawing of charts when big amount of data.
Updated Mobile Designer.
The UI of Mobile Designer for MVC.
Accelerated processing of RichText components.
Improved "Prevent Intersection" for Series Labels.
Deleted Hand and Select Tool from Toolbox.
Export to PDF, Optimization of speed.

Fixed Bugs:

Export to PDF. Incorrect file when using some certificates in the digital signature.
Silverlight viewer. Disabled components are now not displayed.
Export to JPEG.
In the report wizard, in the theme tab, now you can load the current collection of report styles.
Export to Excel97-2003. The processing dates the report property Culture is processed too.
Export to Excel. When using the tag "exceltext" and opening the file in MS Excel 2010-2013 now the warning "The number is saved as text" is not thrown.
Export to Word2007. A rare error occurred while processing an empty RichText component.
The error with the Request from User variables in the interpretation mode report in Flash Designer.
Sorting of groups by sum in the interpretation mode now work correctly.
Filters for VirtualSource in the interpreted mode now work correctly.
The type of the data source VirtualSource now works.
The new properties for Sub Report - File, Url, Parameters.
Export to PDF. The soft hyphen character is now exported correctly when enabling the property StiOptions.Export,WinFormsHighAccuracyWordWrap.
In some cases, incorrect saving of properties of the object AdvancedBorder.
Export to Excel 97-2003 format.
The property CacheAllData now works correctly.
An exception in the designer when opening the dictionary of a business object, type of what is not yet loaded into the application domain.
The property Auto Series Color Data Column for the Pie chart.
When using the text display mode Wysiwyg the group of characters InitialQuotePunctuation FinalQuotePunctuation when dragging text are now correctly handled.
The error of the report compilation, in whichVB.NET is set as a report language and uses variables of the type DateTime (nullable), if the variable is set to the property NotAssigned.
Incorrect handling of a sequence of characters \ "in line when compiling the report.
In some cases, the configuration from the config.xml in the AIR report designer was not read.
Improved quality of export of barcodes to PDF.
Incorrect displaying of headers of forms in some localizations in Flash Designer and Viewer.
The error when using the function Select all in the list of values ​​of the report variablet.
New minimum system requirements - AIR 3.1, Flash Player 11.1.
Before closing the Designer the event SavingReportInDesigner occurs.
Incorrect structure of expression when using Summary in Flash Designer.
Exception whe showing null values in the textbox with the format Time.
Under certain circumstances, the Condition incorrectly applied the border.
The component Clone could not be placedinto another Clone.
DB datetime column parser.
The property Tool Tip Data Column when using Auto Series of charts.
Export to HTML. At some parameters of a textbox, wrapping of very long words worked incorrectly.
Send E-mail. Now, if the default mail client is Outlook, the parameter "attachment" is not specifying in the command "mailto:".
Export to HTML. Changed the algorithm for calculating coordinates for a more correct version of the resulting file. .
Settings of Trend Line parameters for charts in Flash Designer were not saved.
Export to Word2007. Bookmarks of containers were not exported.
PDF export bug.
Cross-header rendering.
Improved left align of numbers in Excel export.
Improved the angle of text rotation of the PDF export.
On creating a new report in Flash Designer using server event the report is marked as unmodified.
Improved Median() function.
Improved export dialogs when some exports are disabled.
On removing a set of components the IsModeified property of the report works right in Flash Designer now. .
A rare bug when using filters with multiple conditions and complex expressions.
An error of processing the StiViewerEvent.SEND_EMAIL event.
The StiOptions.Dictionary.ShowOnlyAliasForComponents property now works.
The background of the Shape component is now transparent, when using ImageFormat=Png in the export to HTML.
When editing the data dictionary the flag IsModified of the report was not installed in the Flash Designer.
Export to SVG. The right edge of the text aligned by the width was cut off when displaying in IE.
Export to SVG. Empty rows were output incorrectly inside the text.
Crosst-tab colums sorting.
New properties LargeHeight and LargeHeightFactor for the Page in Mobile Designer.
Sorting of data sources by an expression in the interpretation mode.
Export to Excel2007. An issue with newline (line ending, end of line) symbols.
Some issues with encoding characters inside expressions in the RichText component.
A bug in the chart editor in the Mobile Designer in Firefox.
Improved work of the Text component with the Editable property.
Cross table empty value render.
Errors with the text rotation in charts in the Flash Designer.
Some issues in Import.TelerikReports.
Text rotation in Wysiwyg in Flash Designer.
Incorrect work of the Replace function for some expressions.
The page property ExcelSheet now works in the interpreted mode.
Wrong definition of the correct overload of some functions in the interpreted mode.
Issues with Office2013 for Flash Designer and Viewer.
The function IsFirstPage and property PrintOn=OnlyFirstPage/ExceptFirstPage now works correctly when using the property ResetPageNumber and one pass of report redering.
Updated page watermark.
The option to hide the button of selecting the UI language.
When the text component is splitted into parts HTML-tags are now correctly processed.
Fixed interaction of Expression in Text Editor with Dictionary TreeView.
Moved Copy Style Tool from ToolBox to the Ribbon Menu.
Copy and Paste in Style Designer.
Incorrect displaying of DateTimeFormat when editing variables for Range and List types in Flash Designer.
Work of properties Odd Style and Event Style of DataBand.
When copying a style of a component the new value in the property Component Style was not assigned.
In some cases, the error occurs when displaying values ​​of variables defined in the Report Designer preview window.
Increased speed of exports in the tabular mode (Word, Excel, CSV, HTML) to 5 .. 20%.
Improved work with shortcuts in the viewer.
Fixed bugs related to work with the Report Tree (Drag & Drop).
When creating a new data source the tab Group in the dialog did not work properly (sorting and deleting new data sources).
The error when calling the menu TextFormat through the QuickButton textbox.
Export to the SVG format now supports hyperlinks.
Some problems with printer settings Collate, Copies and Duplex.