Stimulsoft Ultimate 2014.1.1900

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Functions Right, Left, Mid.
Style Designer in Mobile Designer for MVC.
The new Header property for the Chart Table.
Properties DefaultEmailAdress, DefaultEmailSubject, DefaultEmailMessage in the Web Viewer for MVC.
The action ActionDesignReport is added for MvcViewerFx.
Export forms in Mobile Viewer.
The InterfaceType property is added in Mobile Viewer and Designer. Forced UI selection Mouse or Touch.
New functions DateToStrPt, DateToStrPtBr.
The new option ShowSaveFileDialog allows showing the input dialog of the report file name when saving in the Flash Designer.
The new property Localization for MvcDesigner allows forcibly install the localization by default.
The new static property StiOptions.Engine.FIPSCompliance.
The new events LoadCustomerLocalization and CustomerLocalizationChanged for Designer.
The new properties ShowQuickButtins with values None, HideSmallSize, Always.
Added verification to save a report when closing the browser window if the report was modified.
New functions MonthName(value, culture) and DayOfWeek(value, culture).
The new event FindClose for StiViewerControl.
The new new property ShowCaption for StiRibbonDesignerControl.
Export to PDF. Added the encryption mode AES 256bit.
Support for 21 shades of Office 2013.
The new value Horizontal Right for Strips Orientation.
The new value Horizontal Right for Constant Lines Orientation.
The new option CachePreviewData allows disabling caching of the loaded data. It is useful when using Web services when getting data.
The button Select All for the List Variable.
The button Select All for the List Variable in the Flash Designer and Viewer.
The new option ShowEmailExportDialog that allows hiding export options when sending a report by Email.
Sending Email to several addresses separated by commas.
The new option DivideBigCells for exporting reports to Excel.
Localization en-GB.
Default custom settings to exports.


ClusteredBar Chart supports displaying of the ChartTable.
CrossBands now have the CanBreak property.
Editing properties for ImageData, DataColumn, ImageURL, File for the component Image directly from PropertyGrid.
Dedesigned UI in the Mobile Viewer.
Increased speed of big reports in the export to Excel2007.
Improved speed of exports to Excel, ODS, SYLK in some cases.
Email sender in the HTML viewer.
Added some new properties in the StiZipCode. Improved its drawing.
Improved interaction with parameters from the Dictionary in the RichTextEditor.
Mvc Mobile Designer. Added the new event ActionGetReportSnapshot for connecting data in Preview using code.
Reprocessed the color scheme of bands and all other components in the report designer.
New category Shapes in ToolBox.

Fixed Bugs:

National encoding symbols in RichText in the export to RTF.
Odd tables breaks if the PrintOnAllPages property of header and UsePageHeadersAndFooters option is used in the export to Word2007.
Some issues with processing incorrect data in the Interpretation mode.
Some issue with some special symbols in the export to Excel2007.
StiBusinessObjectHelper, support for ITypedList.
Database parameters.
Cross-Tab cell height calculation.
Reloading of the GetNewReportDataResult event in the Mvc Mobile Designer.
Work with StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowAbout.
Variables conversion in DB query.
Drawing the Pie chart with data starting from 0.
Cross-Tab interactions.
Rarely occurs incorrect rendering of the text with HTML tags of lists.
Correct format of the cell depending on the TextFormat in the export to OpenOffice Calc.
Incorrect displaying of Business Objects in the data tree. Now the designer fully supports for work with them in Mobile Designer & Mobile Designer MVC.
The function SumRunning worked incorrectly with ChildBand.
BusinessObjects in InheritedReports now work correctly.
Styles for Table are added in the Context Menu of a component.
Displaying сurrency format.
A problem with displaying components in Toolbars, if you disable them through the PlaceOnToolbox property.
The problem with the disappearance of some pages when exporting, if the option Share segmented page and caching is used.
When using caching and double pass the double cache was created.
An error with Request from User variables in MvcViewer when using lists of values from data bases.
When changing the report units, the given column width was not recalculated.
The expression with a comma in the string was incorrectly opened on the tab Summary of the textbox editor.
Compilation exception if variable has the type List, but the field Value is not empty.
Exception when duplicating a page with StiTable.
The error when processing the OnGetReport event on the WebDesigner component.
The error with in Mobile Viewer and Designer with uneven pages height.
Incorrect defining the data format dd-MMM-yyyy in Flash Designer.
Business Objects are now correctly support ITypedList.
The Count property for variables of the type List now work in the Interpretation mode.
Chinese characters in exports to PDF, XPS, Word, Excel.
The Format function.
Sorting variables.
MySQl Source.
The error "Response.Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback" is fixed in the ExitDesigner event.
Correction of the condition values when saving them in the HTML designer.
The ImageQuality property now works correctly in the export to PDF.
The exception in the WinForms viewer after editing the page on which the RichText component is placed.
Drawing RichText Background and Border.
Incorrect displaying national characters in some RTF files in StiRichText.
The properties were not changed for ChartTable.
The problem with the construction of certain types of reports using the wizard in Flash Designer.
Drawing SteppedArea and SteppedLines charts at single values.
The Application Path was not considered when using Relative Urls in MVC.
Set proper paint StiZipCode.
The exception when compiling a report that uses nested recursive business objects.
Incorrect work of the CanBreak property in the RichText component of a table.
The width of static bands on a page with columns is now calculated correctly.
The DotMatrix print and export toTXT. Remove the extra word wrap after the command FormFeed.
Properties of children categories in the Property Grid displayed localized, even if the corresponding option was disabled.
Incorrectly calculated heights of Cross-Tab cells when wrapping text to another line.
The error with replacing expressions on their values ​​in the report template in the Cross-Tab component after rendering the report.
The selected state of properties or events in Property Grid of the Flash Designer.
Some problems with Business Objects.
DotMatrix print optimization.
Undo Redo after changes in the Style Designer.
Checked CustomerLocalization after selection.
UI forms of TxtExport and WordExport.
Substring function error.
DotMatrix printing optimization. Odd blank lines remove at the end of the text.
Some problems with nested Business Objects.
Showing tooltips when opening the menu. "Tell me more" is not localized.
The error with rounding in the calculation of the height of the RichText component.
Export to PDF. StiRoundedRectanglePrimitive was not exported.
Export to PDF. Shapes are now exported more correctly.
The property StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowMainMenuCheckForIssues.
The property StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.ShowMainMenuReportSetup.
AutoRange for Y Axis when StartFromZero=false.
StiZoomMode was not applied for the MvcViewerFx component.
A fix for the CustomerLocalization related to the selection of the start value.
Functions in sorting expressions are now working without namespaces.
The IconSet Condition. Incorrect work for components on Detail bands and bands with grouping.
The issue with the method AddFunction when setting the group name.
Export to HTML in the Div/Span mode. Sizes of celles with a gradient background are now exported correctly.
A problem with copying a component with the enabled Linked property.
The time zones were ignored when displaying the date and time.
A very rare problem if the name of the data source is same as the band name.
DataSource on the base of the Cross-Tab now takes into consideration the cross-tab filtering.
The problem with the lower border of containers that break into parts.
Fixed functions First and Last.
An error when processing variables in the report.
A very rare problem if the name of the data source is same as the band name.
The error of processing variables in the URL to the XML data when using the PHP adapter.
The EmptyBand placed after StiTable now work correctly (if the footer is not set in the StiTable).
The Restrictions property for the DataBand.
The function SumRunning (GroupHeader, value) now calsulates the amount only within the group.
The problem with variables of the Image type.
Synchronization XML data in Dictionary.
A bug with exporting reports in the Flash viewer and the designer using the latest browser Google Chrome.
Error reading XSD data schemas using the PHP adapter.
Some errors when rendering charts using Auto Series.
The HideZeros property was not functioning for values with the currency character "р.".
Decimal digits in the Text Format.
Functions and MinDate and MaxDate now more correctly handle null-values.
In the report engine, if the PrintOnAllPages property is enabled for GroupHeader, then the ResetPageNumber property now works correctly.
The compilation error when using keywords in the names of the columns of data sources.
In the report engine, if the report property RequestParameters is enabled, when using RequestFromUsers variables, then datawill now be requested only for the used data sources. .
When using the HTML tag <li> by rows, the size of the line was calculated incorrectly.
DBNull cross tab bug.
Issues in the export to PDF.
An error when calculating aggregate functions in the page when using Business Objects.
Non-english letters in Cross-tab.
Lots of small fixes in the calculation of aggregate functions by the page.
The algorithm of the function Replace() is changed to prevent any loops at certain combinations of parameters.
The function ToQueryString() now has automatic escaping of the quote character.