Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2012.3.1500

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new value of the KeepDetails property, KeepFirstRowTogether, is available
Export to the XPS format now supports hyperlinks and bookmarks
The Chart component now works with a business object which derived from the IEnumerable interface
The WPF condition editor now supports strikeout style of the font
The ColorCollection property is now supported in chart style in WPF and the Silverlight report designer
Now you can specify condition for the chart series labels
The LockAllowAnimation property is added to the WPF Reports Viewer
Anchors now are supported in the interpretation mode of the report


The OnStart mode of dialogs is now supported in WPF

Fixed Bugs:

Some bugs with IsFirstPage, IsLastPage system variables in the cacheable reports
Some bugs with request from users variables in WPF reports viewer using WCF
Some bugs in the chart creation with help of the chart wizard in the WPF report designer
Some correction in RTF exporting to PDF file format
Some correction of the text measurement function in the report engine
Some bugs with the ConstantLines property
Some bugs with Axis Labels drawing
Some bugs with the cross-tab editor in the WPF report designer
Some bugs with the drag&drop operation of the business objects from the report dictionary
Some bugs with colors exporting to the RTF format
Some corrections of the Chinese fonts exporting to Word 2007 format
Some issus with drawing the FullStackColumns chart
Some bugs with drawing a text
Some bugs with the LinesOfUnderline property in text cell drawing
Some bugs with drawing the Doughnut chart
Some bugs with the report dialogs form closing
Some bugs with the StartFromZero property in charts
Some bugs with filters in the business objects in the Silverlight and WPF versions of report engines
Some bugs with headers on all pages
An issue when working with the DateTime report variables, if the culture on the server is different from the en-US culture
Some bugs with HTML tags drawing in the WPF report engine