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This video demonstrates how to preview report and create master-detail report in asp.net mvc flash designer
The video shows how to add totals and Sum function in Report.
The video presents fast creating of a simple report using the Master-Detail wizard in Stimulsoft Reports. You will learn how to set data sources, select data columns and relation, define sorting, groupings, filtering data and other settings.
But sometimes it is required to create reports and output data which are organized in some levels and connected to each other. For example, invoice and a list of goods, clients and goods delivery to them etc. In this case Master-Detail reports are used. These are reports in which the output value of the Master data source, corresponds to the number of values (from 0 and greater) from the Detail data source. See how it works in the HTML5 designer.
Relation is created between data sources and defines how should data from these sources be bind. It is possible to do in the HTML5 designer.
In this video you will see how to design a master-detail report using the report wizard in the HTML5 designer.
Diese Videostunde zeigt, wie man mit Master-Detail-Assistent in wenigen Schritten Master-Detail-Liste erstellt. Man muss nur die Parameter auswählen, alle andere Aktionen wird Assistent selbstständig machen.
Verwenden Sie der Komponente "Unterbericht" bei der Erstellung von Master-Detail-Listen. Stellen Sie Band Daten auf der Vorlageseite mit Master-Einträgen, setzen auf es die Komponente "Unterbericht", erstellen die Detail-Liste, schauen den Bericht vor.
Dieses Video zeigt die Erstellung der Master-Detail-Liste. Auch zeigt diese Videostunde die Grundlagen der Arbeit mit dem Berichtsdesigner.