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Folders in the list of items are needed to organize and store other items and folders in them. Also with the help of folders you can create a hierarchy of folders in the list of items.
You should call the File menu to add the required file from the storage to the list of server items or create a new file based on an existing item. This command creates an object, which can contain any type of files.
The Contact List is used to send reports by groups of email. See how to create this list in Stimulsoft Reports.Server.
In addition to the frequency of the scheduler, you can schedule the list of execution, set weekends, holidays and other dates of exceptions using the item Calendar. The schedule in the calendar can be of different types: for a date, weekly, annual, holiday and more.
After purchasing Stimulsoft Reports.Server, you need to activate it. This can be done using the credentials that will be sent by email after purchase. See how to do this.
One of the actions that can perform a scheduler is sending emails. To do this, use the action Send Email.
The action Run Scheduler provides the ability to run the scheduler. See how it works in Stimulsoft Reports.Server.
The action Run Report provides an opportunity to start the rendering of a report at a certain time, or to convert the report to any of the available file formats.
Copying elements can be done using the scheduler. See how to do this in Stimulsoft Reports.Server.
Dieses Video zeigt die Grundlagen der Verbindung der Datenbank mit Java WebDesigner und die Grundlagen des Erstellens von Diagrammen.