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How to creating nice report with list of products, charts, conditions.
Using the condition in Stimulsoft Reports can learnt from this video. You will find out how to highlight data if the condition is true.
Using conditional formatting it is possible, in a text component, to change the text, i.e. replace its textual expression on a text expression, specified in the condition. For example, it is necessary to assign an expression. See how to do this in the HTML5 Designer.
The Color Scale Condition allows selecting a component with a color in the rendered report, to which will this condition corresponds. See how this works in the HTML5 designer.
The Data Bar condition provides an opportunity to visually display the dynamics of changing values of a data column. The functionality is implemented in the HTML5 designer.
To make a report look better and for much convenient work with rows it is recommended to alternate rows filled with different colors. This will make your report look professional. There are two ways in the report generator to make such filling. One of them is using highlight conditions. This video shows how to make this in the HTML5 designer.
The Icon Set condition is used to identify the component with an icon to which a condition is applied. See how to apply this kind of condition in the HTML5 report designer.
Dieses Video zeigt, wie man bedingte Formatierung,, ohne Bedingungseditor aufzurufen, festlegen kann. Auch zeigt diese Videostunde die Grundlagen der Arbeit mit Berichtsdesigner.
Dieses Video zeigt ein Beispiel von bedingter Formatierung, genauer gesagt, Austausch des Ausdrucks im Textausdruck.
Dieses Video zeigt die Verwendung von bedingter Formatierung. Erstellen Sie den Bericht im Berichtsdesigner, rufen Bedingungseditor auf, bestimmen Bedingung und Formatierung, schauen den Bericht vor.