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Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT Coming Soon

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Now is not Christmas, but Stimulsoft Company is not Santa Claus to give gifts only in holiday season. With the greatest pleasure we announce the upcoming release of Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT. The team leader of the project Anton Lozovsky tells you about the features of the new product and how it was created.

- Anton, in the beginning of the interview, please tell us what is Metro?

- Metro is the latest platform invented to work with the latest tablet PCs and monitors that support the touchscreen option. These tablet PCs will work under Windows 8, using the new processors ARM. In the end of the year Microsoft will release these tablet computers. Release of the operating system is announced to the end of summer 2012. It will be a full version provided by Microsoft to users for a full and detailed testing. So, very soon we will be able to enjoy this system personally!

- What have the developers of Stimulsoft created?

- After reviewing all of the capabilities that the operating system provides, analyzing, and trying everything with our own hands, we have created the fully functional reporting tool for Metro. This product will include: the report engine, report viewer for the WinRT platform and standalone report designer for the Windows platform. In the future, we plan to release the report designer for Metro. We will not boast of its graphic design and performance quality, I think you will be amazed with usefulness of the products we offer. I hope our customers will appreciate the overall scope of our invention. We tried to create optimally convenient and handy product that works without problems.

- Have you encountered any difficulties in the development?

Our development department started its work since the first version of the platform that Microsoft has provided for this OS was released. However, due to "dampness" of the platform, the implementation of the product was delayed. At that moment we have been detained with some not fully implemented functions; the dampness of the code, lack of documentation. So it was decided to put all efforts to the next version. In the next beta version most of the shortcomings have been corrected and errors that prevented the development of our product have been fixed.

All of our friendly team started development is the non-stop way - day and night, and, we believe, not in vain. In the shortest period of time we have been able to implement not just a demo, that simply displays something but a native product designed in the style of Metro. Despite the fact that the WinRT platform is not available yet as the final release, our product is already tested and ready to be used. It works extremely stable. We have chosen, in our opinion, the ideal graphical theme for the product. Everything looks really beautiful, as they say: "pleases the eye". Stimulsoft Reports for Metro platform supports most of the features: interactive reports, exports, navigation and much more. I can talk endlessly about our new product, but I recommend everyone to try it yourself!

In order to enjoy Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT, you need the OS Windows 8, and any tablet PC that supports this system.

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