Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2018.3.3

Veröffentlicht am 23. Oktober 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The first version released! Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN is a set of components using which you can add analytics to your application. Dashboards are designed for WinForms technology.
Multiple filtering is added to the Buble chart.
Support forf the drag&drop from the dictionary to the text element editor.
The Open file button was added to the Dashboard viewer.
The Visible property was added to a table column in the table element.
Support for dashboards in Publish.
The XAxis and YAxis properties were added to the Chart element.
Legend properties were added to the Chart element.
Export menu icons.
The ForeColor property was added to the Table element.
The ForeColor property was added to the Table column.
The Font property was added to the Table element.
The HeaderFont and HeaderForeColor properties were added to the Table element.
The mechanism for adding custom functions to the dashboards engine was added.
Korean Localization.
Export the table data to the CSV format.
Error messages about loading libraries when publishig a report or dashboard.
ArgumentFormat and ValueFormat properties were added to the chart element.
'Clear All Formatting' button is added to the text element editor.
The Initial Range Selection property was added to the date picker element.
Clones item with pressed Control key when drag&drop operation.
TextFormat for pivot elements.
Support for selecting custom styles in Ribbon for Chart, Gauge, Map elements.
The new check is added to the report checker which detects the wrong initialization value of a variable.
The new report checks were added to check script in events which was not used in the interaction mode.


The same tab as in the designer will be selected when starting the dashboard viewer.
Dark themes support was added to title on-surface editor.
Some changes in the ribbon UI regarding border buttons.
Some improvements in painting of the Table element.
Some improvements of the DatePicker element.
Structure of the NuGet packages.
Series support for the Funnel Chart.
Some improvements in selection of the table element columns.
Support for the Clear Contents action in the ribbon for the text element in dashboards.
The Default mode of the CalculationMode property of the report is set to StiCalculationMode.Interpretation for new dashboard reports.
The Context menu 'Copy' is added to the table element in the dashboard viewer.
StyleEditor. Improvements in drawing styles, so that they were all in the same style.

Fixed Bugs:

A bug with deleting color ranges.
Исправление построения табличного режима индикатора. Fixes with rendering the tabular mode indicator.
The state of the New Dashboard button in the File menu in themes until 2013 Office.
Rebuilding the report only by clicking on the Reset button.
Some bugs with the context menu at the panel element.
Australian Capital Territory was added to the Australia map.
A bug with painting country names for a small countries.
Design menu item was hidden for the panel element.
Some issues with saving and loading dashboard pages in the designer.
A bug with removing color range in the gauge element.
An empty item was removed from the font box in the ribbon.
Map. Wrong color of states in ToolTip.
Dashboards. Gauge Full Circular drew an extra white border in a dark theme.
Exporting List and Table elements without data.
Maps did not work when the report was published as the exe file.
A problem with the report compilation with interpretation.
Japanese localization of UI.
Localization for partially selected item text was added to the TreeViewBoxElement.
Some issues with windows theme when exporting dashboards.
Some bugs with a dynamic refreshing in the Table element in the designer.
A bug with font scaling in the Gauge element.
A bug with formatting of the Table element cells.
Some issues with sorting in elements transformation.
Incorrect checkbox states when exporting ListBox and TreeView items.
The dashboard was exported incorrectly with tables on several pages.
Some double parsing corrections.
Errors when exporting filter elements in dark themes.
When exporting a table, columns could be printed out of the page.
Graphic columns of the Table element are now exported as text.
An error occurred while canceling the publish of the report into the standalone application.
Some troubles with refreshing elements without data.
Issue with data during export of maps to PDF.
Table element drawing with big font size.
A bug with displaying titles of dashboard elements in the viewer.
Text Format for Indicator.
Table mode for the Indicators.
Data column type after adding it to the Pivot component.
Crash in a blank dashboard after changing the localization.
Crash after dropping a column to an empty table editor.
Some improvements with caching expression in filters.
Extra input field for expression in IsBlank filters in transformations.
Custom styles were incorrectly drawn in Ribbon.
The problem with the Shift-F5 shortkey in the designer when a report was closed.