Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2019.3.5

Veröffentlicht am 06. September 2019

New Features:

Add half cycle marker type to chart series.
The Icon Alignment property for the Indicator element.
Help links in editors of dashboard elements.
Totals to table elements.
Custom Maps.
The Designer Scale Mode option is added to the designer options.
A selection of different icons for the Pictorial series.
Displaying filters in the corner of dashboard elements.
Change the type button to dashboard elements.
The Icon property for Pictorial charts.


The appearance of marker display for linear chart types has beed changed.
Stimulsoft Designer is adopted for hi-res scaling resolutions.

Fixed Bugs:

Some problems with Postgre Sql Connections.
A bug with Format in the filter of a dashboard element.
Displaying labels with a value of Format when animating charts.
The show border property for charts.
The work of the Style property for Chart Labels.
The transfer of parameters from a series of the Donut type did not work.
Problems with loading HIDPI images.
The problem with caching dashboards.