Very frequently we get emails from our customers in which they require features specific for report servers. Last year we started the development of such a product. What we are doing now is unveiled in this article.

Stimulsoft CloudReports is a universal and functional client-server system for full cycle management of various reports – from simple list to complicated documents with multiple nested layers and a number of graphical elements. The primary part of modern workflow system is visual presenting of actual information on digital devices – dashboards, which allow providing information in a simple and intuitive graphical view. Stimulsoft CloudReports contains a large set of charts and visual indicators to conveniently display any data types.
Stimulsoft CloudReports is a powerful instrument for aggregation and visualization of company information.

Server part

There are two ways of using the server part – classic managed server and Software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The first way offers two options:

- Stimulsoft CloudReports Server for installation on the client server. This is a classical way of using the server product. It allows customers to control computing resources and administrate this system. Such a system is completely administered by a customer, but could be used in the fully isolated cooperative area. In this distribution there are such unique functions like load balancing and support for cluster systems.
- Stimulsoft CloudReports Server for integration in the Windows Azure Cloud Service. This way is the most progressive and efficient, because it saves the client from having to maintain its own servers and allows paying only for the resources used in Windows Azure.

Stimulsoft CloudReports Server uses MySQL, MS SQL Server or Windows Azure SQL to store data.

The licensing of Stimulsoft CloudReports Server is based on the number of users with keys, which should be activated on the server during installation.

Also Stimulsoft CloudReports Server will be available as a service. This is more convenient for majority of users as it does not require technical services and hardware. You should just activate necessary functions and start using our service.

The payment is based on the number of users who have access to this service, and some additional functions influencing on the server performance. Flexible packages allows you reasonably use only the functionality that you need and do not waste funds for unnecessary stuff.

Prices and the full list of features will be published later; however there will be a free account for evaluating and non-commercial use.

Customers will be able to change their tariff plans or add any additional feature at any time. But the Professional and Enterprise packages will have some special features, which are not available in other packages.

Data Sources

Data for reports could be fetched in different ways:

- Using direct connections to DBMS MySQL, MS SQL Server, Windows Azure SQL or etc.;
- Imported from local files (Excel, XML, DBF, CSV, etc.);
- Imported from files on distributed storages, for example, Microsoft SharePoint;

The set of acceptable data sources depends on the selected package.

Client side

The client part of Stimulsoft CloudReports is provided in three applications, which has a user-friendly interface and provides quick access to all system functions:

- WinRT-application for tablets on Windows 8. It has a modern touch interface and full set of reporting features: creating и managing reports, creating and viewing dashboards, printing, newsletter mailings, managing tasks on schedule, administration of your system. The beta version release is scheduled for June 2013, application will be available in Microsoft Windows Store;
- WPF-application for Windows PCs. Exceptional functionality and compatibility with all PC's. The beta version is scheduled for August 2013, the application will be available on our site;
- Web-application. Allows you to create complex reports and dashboards with charts and indicators with any device that has Internet access. Modern design and the possibility of using touch interface. It is based on HTML5 and AJAX. The beta version is scheduled for August 2013.

Client side applications will be available free of charge and without any limitation.

Additional features

To meet the needs of all our customers, we provide additional features of Stimulsoft CloudReports:

- White-labeling and rebranding. Integration in corporate area allows using company brand. By activating this feature you get brand key with all attributes of your company – logo, application name, legal company data and etc., which allows not allocating our product in your corporate area.
- Integration. Possibility to embed the features of our product in your application. We provide SDK with a clear and simple API for it, which is available on WinRT, WPF and Web platforms. Integrated Stimulsoft CloudReports server will work in the back-end, and will be invisible for end-users, and your application could use all our features.