Quite recently, some pages of news blogs were filled with very exciting news. A well-known company Microsoft announced its intention to "expand". Yes, yes, and it is not the release of a new operating system or service packs. Microsoft intends to produce gadgets. But do not afraid that this commercial giant will retire into its shell. According to CEO Steve Ballmer, the partnership with the manufacturers of the devices will not stop.

Own gadgets from Microsoft! What should we expect and what should we be ready for?

Their first child will be the tablet PC called Surface based on the operating system Windows 8. This tablet PC will actively use Cloud Microsoft services. The Surface will also get the latest mobile version of MS Office. Isn’t that interesting?

Naturally, Microsoft is not going to be limited with this achievement.

Apart from the development of cloud services for business, Microsoft is going to make a really big step forward. We all watched fantasy films, where devices are controlled by a light finger touch, gesture or voice. Apparently, Microsoft developers also watched such movies and decided to materialize those ideas.

Now, it is hard to imagine how far the developers run and what result we will see. But who can keep us from dreaming? Just imagine - more intuitive technologies, unified phones, tablet PC’s, computers work under a single operating system Windows.

Any business will have the opportunity to grow faster, because familiar and reliable technologies will be literally at hand.

These are the perspectives. Neither more nor less, but Microsoft intends to take a place in the advanced high-technology areas, but also crowd the existing giants.

We can follow this and hope that the company will bring its ideas to something ready. After all, when devices available it is much easier to use many programs, because the operating system will be developed ​​for the existing gadget but not a mythical assembly of an ally.

Such a change in the company policy explicitly says about its progress. The gadget emperors appeared in recent years and it would be foolish to such a power like Microsoft to stand on the sidelines. We can safely say even if Microsoft is not the first but it is in the group of leaders.

It remains to follow the development and, keeping up with them, supplement the market with excellent reporting tools.