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We are glad to announce the availability of Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web version 2010.2

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We are glad to announce the availability of Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web version 2010.2. With this release, we have extended the capabilities of the product. Particularly we have added a new visual mode of the StiWebDesigner component, support a new mode of caching, support of new data adapters. The following is a brief summary of the new features introduced in this product:

Updated Documentation
With this new version of the product we deliver a new version of the documentation. Great number of new articles and step-by-step instructions are included. They describe work of many new properties and features. Work with documentation has become much easier.

Updated Documentation

Localization in Bulgarian language is added
Now the product supports localization of interface to Bulgarian language. We support 26 languages in our products.

New DataAdapters
We have added support for new data adapters in our products. The data adapters are Oracle ODP.NET and two adapters for Sybase. All adapters are available in the Downloads section of our site.

New DataAdapters

Cache of the web designer
Using the AppCacheDirectory properties of StiWebDesigner component, it is possible to create a directory in what the component will automatically create a cache copy of the Flash core of this component. Using the cache, when reloading, allow you to speed up the loading of these components on the client side.

Visual web designer control
In previous versions of the web report designer, this component was presented as a non-visual ASP.NET component. However, many users would like to use this component as a visual control, as well as they use the WebViewer.Fx component. The new version can easily convert a non-visual component into a visual StiWebDesigner. It is enough to set the Visible property of this component to true.

Visual web designer control

New functions
New features were added to the data dictionary. The first is the MaxStr function. The function returns a string that is at the end of the sorted list of values. The next function is MinStr. It returns a string that is placed in the beginning of the sorted list of values. The SumDistinct function summarizes only the unique values from a list. And the last function is ToCurrencyWordsThai. This function displays the amount of words in Thai language.

New functions

New features when printing bar-codes
Code128c and Ean128c barcodes now support the FNC1 command. It is used to connect multiple values in a single barcode. We also added a new ShowQuietZones property for the barcode component. The property is used for synchronization of barcode scanners. 
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