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Diese technischen Artikel beschreiben die Themen, die mit den Besonderheiten verschiedener Komponenten Stimulsoft Reports verbunden sind.

The wizard "Help me choose product"

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Do you need a reporting tool that meets all your requirements and relevant to recent developments in the world of reporting? If you are reading this article, then you are on the right way in solving the problem. Reporting tools from Stimulsoft Company are exactly what you need! And it is not our point of view; this is the point of view of thousands of our customers.

If you are already collaborating with our company, then you will not have problems with a choice of interesting products. But what if you first approached Stimulsoft? Which product is right for you? After all, you have to choose the product not out of two or three ones but ELEVEN! Do not be afraid and do not despair! It's very simple! Perhaps, on the other web-sites of other vendors you have to:

1) Re-read the documentation for each product, looking for the necessary items matching your needs with current capabilities. It's not bad if you have a lot of time and you like reading, but ...

2) Go deeper into the vendor’s forum. In this section of the web-site you can find everything about the product. Throw away all the extra questions, and after a few days to make a choice! Dubious pleasure, isn’t it?

3) Technical support service will help you! Send a mail describing all the necessary items and features are waiting, waiting, waiting and again waiting for a response. This option is not good too.

In fact you really have to go through all these steps, if you are not acquainted with us.

Stimulsoft Company is known for its approach to work: make the client feel most comfortable. And where else we need help then on first steps of acquaintance with the software? Let's go back to the beginning of this article.

Do you need a reporting tool that meets all your requirements and relevant to recent developments in the world of reporting? And we have something to offer. In order not to spend too much time looking for the necessary information through the web-site you will find very attractive wizard "Help me choose product". Here's what you need! With it easy mouse click you run it and choose the points with the specified characteristics of reporting tools. At the end you get the name of a right product. It's really easy and, believe me, this is only the first pleasant surprise to work with us!

How to find the wizard?

Just go On the bottom of page you will find a range of images. Click the icon “Choose Your Product” and enjoy!

wizard 1
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