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Wichtigste und interessanteste über unsere Produkte. Aktuelle Ereignisse, wahre Tatsachen und gute Neuigkeiten.

Stimulsoft Reports.Net 1.03 is released. Do not forget to download it!

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Our product Stimulsoft Reports.Net is becoming more and more poweful. In our new release we add new properties, realize new functionality, and, on the whole, make some steps in the product development to simplify work of our customers and, simultaneously, increase capabilty of a report generator.

Please, read about some significant changes realized in this version:

  • Add: New feature of rendering columns in band - direction, Property ColumnDirection.
  • Add: New property - StiPage.ColumnGaps.
  • Add: New property - StiPage.ColumnWidth.
  • Add: New Property - StiDataBand.MinRowsInColumn.
  • Add: New property - StiImage.Smoothing.
  • Add: New property - StiDataBand.ColumnGaps.
  • Add: New property - StiDataBand.ColumnWidth.
  • Add: New static property - StiReport.DontSaveConfig.
  • Add: New static event - StiReport.SavingConfig.
  • Add: New static event - StiReport.LoadingConfig.
  • Add: QuickButtons to StiSystemText.
  • Add: Features resize components with cursor keys and Shift key.
  • Add: Features move components with cursor keys and Control key.
  • Add: Propery HideDuplicates rename to MergeDuplicates, component StiText.
  • Add: Methods to control zoom of StiPreviewControl : SetZoomPageWidth, SetZoomOnePage, SetZoomTwoPages, SetZoomMultiplePages.
  • Upd: New sample reports to Demo.
  • Upd: Change BegoreRender Event order for Page.
  • Upd: Improve DataStore.
  • Upd: Improve Dictionary.
  • Upd: Improve Relations Import.
  • Upd: Increased speed of building Thumbs and decreased memory size of Thumbs view in Preview Window.
  • Upd: Improve DataSource select Dialog Box.
  • Upd: Now PropertySort saves in config.
  • Fix: Small bugs in KeepTogetherDetail.
  • Fix: Small bugs in function Line.
  • Fix: Small bugs in SystemVariables.
  • Fix: Bugs with events OnRendering, OnBeginRender and OnEndRender of class StiReport.
  • Fix: Bug with Thumbs panel hide.
  • Fix: Bug with print.
  • Fix: Bug with totals calculation on MasterDetail.
  • Fix: Small bugs.
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