Stimulsoft Designer 2020.2.1

Veröffentlicht am 05. Februar 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new DarkGreen style was added to the dashboards.
The XAxis.Visible and YAxis.Visible properties were added to the chart element.
The new Waterfall chart.


"Embed all data to resources" is now performed for file data (json, xml ...) as well.
The default state of the ValueFormat property of the ChartElement was changed to a NumberFormat.
Some improvements in the Variable Edit Form regarding working in the HiDPI mode.
Some improvements in retrieving parameter values during SQL data source viewing in the designer.
The Sort functionality was added to the chart element for pie and doughnut types.
The expressions checker for dashboards was added.

Fixed Bugs:

Constant Lines and Strips on Log axis.
Some issues with null values in report variables.
Some issues with parsing an expression with spaces in column names.
Some issues with the text format menu in the designer.
Drawing buttons for sorting and displaying the title in the dashboard elements with a zoom of more than 100%.
Calculation Indicator with negative values.
Interactions for stacked bar series.
Filter overlay issue when selected in charts, if Argument and Series fields are specified.
Rendering Radar Series values.
Some corrections of the location of the element in the dashboard viewer.
Applying filters for multi-selection of elements in charts.
The issue with a minimal value of the command time out property in the data source editor.
An issue with submitting parameters with a datetime type in the WinForms viewer.
Some issues with dashboard editor forms in the MDI form mode.
Small issue with drawing the title switcher in the designer.
Some issues with the behaviour of the ValueFormat property of the Chart element.
An incorrect saving of the Show Code Tab property of the designer.
An incorrect position of the title editor when a title is disabled.
Some improvements regarding saving to the undo-redo buffer after drag-drop operations.
Import.Rtf - null reference on some files.
The incorrect creation of a calculated column in the dashboards was fixed.
Some issues with table filtering and sorting in the designer.
Some issues with the ShowToolbar option and the Fullscreen mode of the dashboard viewer.
A new Total type of a series labels added for the Stacked Chart of the chart element.

Versions of the Release Builds: