This example shows how to add custom font to the resource. First, load and add a font to resources:

	var report = new StiReport();

	// Loading and adding a font to resources
	var fileContent = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("Fonts/Roboto-Black.ttf");
	var resource = new StiResource("Roboto-Black", "Roboto-Black", false, StiResourceType.FontTtf, fileContent, false);


Next, add a font from resources to the font collection:

	// Adding a font from resources to the font collection
	StiFontCollection.AddResourceFont(resource.Name, resource.Content, "ttf", resource.Alias);


Finally, create a text component:

	// Creating a text component
	var dataText = new StiText();
	dataText.ClientRectangle = new RectangleD(1, 1, 3, 2);
	dataText.Text = "Sample Text";
	dataText.Font = StiFontCollection.CreateFont("Roboto-Black", 12, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Regular);
	dataText.Border.Side = StiBorderSides.All;


	return report;

На скриншоте ниже Вы можете увидеть результат выполнения данного кода:

Adding a Font to the Resource

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