Save and Load events of the Designer

This sample shows how to use the Save and Load events in the code. You can add the event listeners to the StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents at application initialization:

public Window1()
StiOptions.Wpf.CurrentTheme = StiOptions.Wpf.Themes.Office2013Theme;

StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.SavingReportInDesigner +=
new Stimulsoft.Report.Design.StiSavingObjectEventHandler(GlobalEvents_SavingReportInDesigner);
StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.LoadingReportInDesigner +=
new Stimulsoft.Report.Design.StiLoadingObjectEventHandler(GlobalEvents_LoadingReportInDesigner);

Then specify the action to be performed when the report is loading:

private void GlobalEvents_LoadingReportInDesigner(object sender, Stimulsoft.Report.Design.StiLoadingObjectEventArgs e)
e.Processed = true;

StiReport report = new StiReport();
designerControl1.Report = report;

Specify the action to be performed when the report is saving:

private void GlobalEvents_SavingReportInDesigner(object sender, Stimulsoft.Report.Design.StiSavingObjectEventArgs e)
if (designerControl1.Report == null) return;
e.Processed = true;


In the screenshot below you can see the result of the sample code.

Designer and Save Load Events