(Stimulsoft) December, 03 2012. Stimulsoft Company, a leading manufacturer of reporting tools, announces the release of version 2012.3 of Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Reports.Fx product lines.

"Do you want to know what our reporting tools mean for us?" - says Andrew Savin, business manager: "They are our children! And, as parents, we have to guide them along the right path, teach them to make good decisions, and provide a good basis for harmonious development. I am confident that we are on the right path! Putting soul and love in without a trace in the process of software development, we create smart, powerful, functional reporting tools that can surprise even the most demanding developer."

What's new in Stimulsoft Reports version 2012.3?
Software platform for WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinRT, HTML5 form the product line Stimulsoft Reports.

The company developers designed two new report viewers for using in ASP.NET MVC projects.
The report viewer MvcViewer is released as a part of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC. It does not use third-party technologies, such as Flash or Silverlight. The viewer is based on HTML and AJAX technologies. The component supports all popular Internet browsers. It implements all the necessary functions, such as printing a report in HTML and PDF, exporting reports with the ability to display the settings dialog box, bookmarks, and parameters panel. The viewer supports different UI themes.

The report viewer MvcMobileViewer is a part of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile. It was created using the HTML5 technology and is optimized to run on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). Supports both mouse control and touch interface. It works on all modern browsers that support the HTML5 technology. The report viewer has the following features: viewing reports in one-page and multipage modes as well as exporting and printing reports as HTML and PDF files. The report viewer supports full screen mode, which helps to automatically adjust the viewer size to the screen size of a mobile device.

The software product Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT now supports for the export reports to PDF. The export dialogue offers many options to be edited. This allows customers to optimize printing to the PDF format and provide a report to the client as close as possible to their requirements.

A long-expected opportunity of collapsing text blocks in the Cross-Tab component is added to the release 2012.3. It is possible to collapse the rows and columns in the rendered Cross-Tab component in the report viewer. This adds interactivity to the report and ease of using its information.

The list of changes is not limited to the described above. Please read more about new features implemented on the Stimulsoft's website at http://www.stimulsoft.com/en/news/stimulsoft-reports-product-line-new-version-2012-3-released.

What's new in Stimulsoft Reports.Fx version 2012.3?
Reporting tools for Flex, PHP and Java are united into the product line Stimulsoft Reports.Fx.
The developers of the company completely redesigned reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java. Previously, the product was a Java component with the report engine written in the Flex technology. Starting with version 2012.3 Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java can be considered a pure Java product, since the report rendering is processed on Java. The product also added a new report viewer, written entirely in this technology. Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java can safely be called a full-fledged server component.

Here is the list of some minor changes in Stimulsoft Reports.Fx. First of all these are new chart types - Candlestick, Stock, Funnel, and a global clipboard, with which one can copy components from, for example, WinForms designer reports and embed them in a web report designer, and vice versa.

The list of changes is much broader than it is written in this article. Read more about it on the company's website at http://www.stimulsoft.com/en/news/stimulsoft-reports-fx-product-line-new-version-2012-3-released.

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