The RenderMode property specifies how will StiWebViewer render and display a report. The categories of modes for the component StiWebViewer use caching of a rendered report and do not use caching of a rendered report.

Consider the first category - modes without caching:

1. Standard
In this mode, the report must be re-rendered every time you refresh the page. This mode does not use Ajax to display the controls of StiWebViewer. Updating a report using the controls of the component StiWebViewer causes reloading of that page, on which the report is displayed.

2. RenderOnlyCurrentPage
In this mode, the report is rendered only up to a page that is currently displayed in the component StiWebViewer. In this mode the server memory will be saved considerably.

3. Ajax
This mode uses Ajax technology to display the report and update operations for the component StiWebViewer. This allows changing the page size and other parameters without reloading the page in the browser window.

The second category that uses caching modes of the rendered report is UseCache and AjaxWithCache.

Each time when updates are applied in the component StiWebViewer, a page from the server is reloaded, but the report is not re-rendered as in the Standard mode, but each time the report is loaded from cache. This allows displaying the next page of the report much faster.

This mode, as well as the Ajax mode, uses this technology to display a report and update operations for the component StiWebViewer. However, unlike the Ajax mode, the AjaxWithCache mode does not re-render a report when every request on the server. The report saved in the cache server after the first rendering is used.

The CacheMode property indicates to the report generator which type of caching to use for storing reports, pictures and service information. There are two options:

1. Page
Use the page cache.

2. Session
Use the session cache.

The ServerTimeOut property indicates the amount of time needed to store reports, images or service information in cache. You should not use too much time or too little time. If time is too long, then cache will quickly overflow and be automatically cleared with the server. As a result, the report (or report images) will not appear in cache and wrong information will be displayed in StiWebViewer. If time is too short, then to the moment of the request, the cache may not contain the necessary data.

The component StiWebViewer can display reports with dialogs. For this you should do the following:

1. Use a mode of viewing reports with caching - set the modes AjaxWithCache or UseCache in the RenderMode property;
2. If the data are not from the server, you need to provide a connection to the data in the ReportConnect event of the component StiWebViewer. It is also necessary to disconnect from data in the ReportDisconnect event;
3. In addition, you cannot run a report for rendering in the Page_Load event. In this case, the information in cache and needed to display the dialog, can be cleared;
4. You can only use a single dialog form in the report.

Well, in so simple and unpretentious way we reviewed the component StiWebViewer. Everything is more than understandable and accessible. Of course, there is a situation - you read the article, tried StiWebViewer in action and realized that you want more features, feel lack of scope for your business nature. Stimulsoft Company can only say one thing: “Ladies and gentlemen, we present you StiWebViewer.Fx. Convenient, efficient, easy to use ...” but that is another story, which will be revealed in the next article.