Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2020.5.1

Опубликовано 28 октября 2020
Новые возможности
1.Added support for .NET 5.0 RC1 framework for WinForms and WPF components. 
2.A button to change the direction of the summary columns in the "Pivot Table" element of the dashboard. 
3.Added the "Labels" property group for the "Gauge" element in the dashboard. 
4.The new "Strips" editor is added in the "Chart" component. 
5.A new "Constant Lines" editor for the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards. 
6.The "Group" property was added for the "Text" element in dashboards. 
7.The "Bubbles" type for the columns of the "Table" element in dashboards was added. 
8.Added the ability to use data columns in the "Image" element of the dashboard. 
9.Support for expression for the "Enabled" and "Printable" properties of report components. 
10.Support for expressions for the "Brush" and "Text Brush" properties of report components was added. 
11.Added support for expressions for the Component Style property. For the "Data" band, the expression can also be used in the "Even Style" and "Odd Style" properties. 
12.Support for exporting "Bubbles" cells of the "Table" element in dashboards. 

Исправлены ошибки
1.An issue with visibility of Retrieve button in the Data Source editor. 
2.The algorithm for calculating the autorange for values greater than 10M in the "Gauge" element was fixed. 
3.A bug with switching filters in dashboards was fixed. 
4.Some issues for the "Sparklines" columns in the "Table" element of the dashboard was added. 
5.A bug with the "Pivot Table" element of the dashboard with empty data was fixed. 
6.The export of background color for cells of the "Indicator" type in the "Table" element of the dashboard was fixed. 
7.A bug with the "Negative in Red" parameter for numeric formatting of the "Indicator" element. 
8.The logarithmic calculation of the range of axes for the "Chart" component with series of the "Scatter" type was fixed.