5) We have what you need.

One of the main demands of the modern world is ability to choose! Yes, yes, you are hearing it right, it is choice. It is very good when you have wide a range of products to be chosen, when it is possible to pick up an object or area in which you will be most comfortable with.

Stimulsoft Company offers you reporting tools for various technologies. Thanks to this, you can choose yourself the optimal technology, the most suitable according to the conditions of your capabilities and desires!

Consider the products offered by Stimulsoft to their customers. You may choose between: Reports.Ultimate, Reports.Net, Reports.Silverlight, Reports.Wpf, Reports.Web, Reports Designer.Silverlight, Reports Designer.Web, Reports.Fx for Flex, Reports.Fx for PHP and Reports.Fx for Java. You are right "for now" - we have a lot of other platforms support, although there are already plenty to choose from. Well let’s get started.

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate. This is the perfect solution for those who do not know what to choose, or for those who want everything in one solution. With this “all-inclusive” solution you can build reports for the .NET Framework. This product contains a complete set of tools for creating reports in the WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF. Also you get a few report designers that can be run at design time and runtime, Web. Also you have viewers to show reports. Perfectly adjusted system to export reports supports a wide range of different file types.

Stimulsoft Reports.Net. This product is likely fashioned to users’ tastes who like simplicity, comfort and elegance. Everything is explained by the fact that the interface of the designer is made the most user-friendly to the user, the most conveniently and skillfully. One of the pleasant aspects is that you can use the report designer both at design time and runtime. Created reports can be used not only in Windows Forms, but also in ASP.NET. Also, at your service, is a wide range of available exports.

Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight. For fans animation, vector graphics and Microsoft Silverlight technology is dedicated. It is clear from the title that this reporting tool is designed specifically for the Silverlight platform. The product consists of three easy-to-use parts. The first part is a set of ASP.NET components using what you can edit and view the report directly from the browser window. Since the construction of the report is on the server and all interaction with them goes on the client side, using all possibilities of the Silverlight technology, it's extremely convenient. The second part is a full-featured report generator for designing, editing, printing and exporting reports. The third kit of this package is a standalone report designer for the WinForms platform, designed to create reports and their further use with other components.

Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. If you need a reporting tool for Windows Presentation Foundation, this is the option for you! It offers: a clear structure of the report, a huge selection of different components, a unique set of properties and parameters. Huge opportunities to build, view, print and export reports based on the WPF technology. Just a few lines of code will help you execute a lot of complex actions with reports.

Stimulsoft Reports.Web. This product is especially good to those who have little understanding of his life and work without the huge spaces of the Internet as you can design and build your report directly in Web. This product may do different operations with reports: creating, displaying, printing, exporting. There is no need to install .NET Framework, ActiveX, and other special plug-ins. You are working in the web browser only. All you need is a Flash Player 10.2 and higher.

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web. This report designer is not only unique in its structure but also the first that allows you editing reports completely in the Web. Handy modern interface and advanced functionality of Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web speed up work with reports. Everything you need for work is a Web browser and the Flash player, and there is no need to install the client .NET Framework, ActiveX components or other plug-ins.

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Silverlight. This is an extension of the Silverlight designer in Stimulsoft. Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Silverlight is convenient and handy because you can change the report directly from the web browser as it is a web-based report generator. Naturally, Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Silverlight has a high download speed and performance, user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. When working with the report generator, the developer does not need to configure the components or write complex lines of code. Everything is very simple - the server you are using is the ASP.NET component and the client is working with a Silverlight component.

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex. If you are using Rich Internet Applications and wish to expand its boundaries, then you have only one way - Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex. This report generator is used in the Rich Internet Applications. It was developed using advanced technology Adobe Flex. This reporting tool is a handy tool for creating reports. It is equally clear and comfortable in work for all developers and users.

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP. With the help of this report generator you can design not only your own reports, but place reports in the Internet using a client-server technology. Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP combines two technologies at once: PHP script and Adobe Flash technology. PHP script works on the server side, managing building reports. Adobe Flash technology works with the client, providing a unique and universal mechanism for generating reports.

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java is an excellent reporting tool that works with Java applications. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java, you can forget about the problems of different platforms, operating systems and their hardware. Your report generator will be available to work anywhere.

And the most important is that all this variety of tool, you can get here! Now! It is only with us!

6) Future with us

One of the important factors by which it is worth to look closer into the Stimulsoft Reports is a constant prospect of further development. In addition to the continuous improvement of older versions, Stimulsoft Company pleases its customers with new products.

This is actually like an expectation of the Christmas holidays. After all, everyone knows that a lot of nice gifts are waiting for him/her. You wake up and, despite the age, go to see what surprises have been prepared to your by those who love you.

What does the future bring you?

You will find Java version of the report generator that will be compatible with our other products in all formats of reports. The new product will be another brick into the foundation of our great fortress and protection of clients from problems. We believe that this year you will be able to contemplate it your own eyes.

We work hard on the development of the report server which will be based on the most advanced technologies and achievements. Like all our products, it will have a high stability.

We are also preparing big surprises to our customers. These surprises are associated with the technologies of HTML5, operating systems Android and iOS, the Multi-Touch technology but you will see this later.
What is the labor productivity? Labor productivity is equal to the ratio between a volume measure of output and a measure or input use. This will tell you any economics textbook. You'll even find a smart formula. But this is the naked assertion, indicating absolutely nothing. The main element of the productivity is entirely different - it is harmony. Yes, this is harmony! And it makes no difference what you and your organization is occupied with.


To explain this idea, we should consider such an art as Feng Shui. No wonder why the Stimulsoft Reports blog publishes an article on Feng Shui. Having read it through, you will understand.

Let's start. What is Feng Shui and how does it relate to Stimulsoft Reports? Feng Shui, emerged in ancient China, is the art of planning and harmonization of the human environment. At the heart of this art lays the idea that a man is in complete harmony with the surrounding world. Today Feng Shui is a cross between art and science, using which you can achieve perfect harmony at home and work, in life and everything connected with it.

Still do not understand why we're talking about Feng Shui? Then start working with our reporting tools.

Of course, our experts did not rely on the teachings of Feng Shui and did not make start with them while working on the report generator, but you will convince yourself that every button, every component, all the elements are in proper place. There is complete Harmony with the interaction between a man and our report generator.

Perhaps the energy Qi does not flow from the band to band, does not bind the Text components to each other, but a rational and convenient location of components and their functionality will leave a good impression. Well, now go back to the word "Harmony". The thing is that your experts and you, working with the report generator, will have a rest. Nothing distracting, nothing worries and makes you nervous, no fuss - just peace of mind. Complete emotional balance to achieve your goals! In such circumstances, the work will go much faster.

If you still have doubts, you can learn Feng Shui, then open our report and feel the harmony in its truest form. Work and enjoy!
3) We Know Much About Reports

Stimulsoft Company not only produces report generators, it really understands them.

The thing is that the company is not engaged in the development of many products and not trying to earn money for everything that is possible - only reporting and what is everything connected with it. Of course, for many years in this area, the developers of the company are real experts.

We know everything about reports. These are not mere buzzwords - it's a global experience. At this moment, the company knows all the pitfalls of this turbulent flow! And it's really turbulent, because many companies have already sunk, like a decrepit boat. The fact speaks for itself; Stimulsoft Reports is not just keeping its head above water but is one of the leaders the regatta.

Each of our report generators is shiny. In addition to stability in work, report writers Stimulsoft Reports are easy to handle. All products are optimized - after working with them, you feel like a high-speed car driver. You do not have to wait long processing when a particular action happens. You do not have to wait at all.

Speed, reliability, comfort and elegance - good quality isn’t it?

4) Taking Care of Customers

You are driving down the highway sitting in a new comfortable car. And then you realize that you still do not understand the purpose of a couple of buttons - what are they for or, exactly, how do they work. But don’t be panic and you know it. You simply call in to tech support, that’s all! No more efforts are required to be done. You will receive all the necessary information or, in the shortest time, a specialist will “come” to you and help you completely.

Convenient, isn’t it? And now go closer to the reality - if you have any questions regarding the report generators Stimulsoft Reports, write about them. Very soon, you will receive a detailed reply on the issue. Also Stimulsoft Reports has a huge knowledgebase, with examples, a forum for communication between users, and the blog. All that is needed to eliminate your discomfort. Any question finds its answer in a day.

The company's policy is very simple - do whatever is necessary to the client in the shortest possible time. No question should be remained unanswered! Questions are needed to answer them.

Let’s go back to the first example. You are sitting in your car and realize that it would be much easier if your seat be arranged a little differently. Lever would have a different shape, and also you know a lot of innovations in order to make the car perfect. And again you pick up the phone, dial a phone number, and express your thoughts and suggestions. Very soon you are delivered a new car with enhancements. One cannot believe that this is possible? Vainly!

The major update of report generators goes exactly according to suggestions of our customers. We consider all suggestions for improvement of reporting tools that can help you and other customers. All reasonable ideas find their implementations. And there is no need to wait for the next release, since these updates occur very often and can be found in weekly prerelease builds.
A man's life consists of daily alternatives: what to wear, where to go, how to enjoy. Our choice is always grounded. We always have our own reasons and motivations. We choose the clothes that suit us, the food which corresponds to our notion of taste, the surrounding objects - from the conditions of total comfort.

Looking at the blog is not difficult to guess that it says about software, but, to be more precise, about Stimulsoft Reports. Why should we pay attention to these products? Why Stimulsoft Reports is the right choice?

One can easily identify at least six reasons:

1) Easy to use with the product.

This is not only familiar interface of the Stimulsoft Reports product line but, of course, it is very important, because there is no need to spend time on inappropriate learning the basics. Report generation should not bring problems. The report is the final phase of your work and there is no need in reporting tool, if this stage is the most difficult. A competent report writer should make life easier and make the end of work joyful and unobtrusive.

Just imagine. You bought a new car - beautiful, fast, comfortable. You sit in the cabin and realize that it is the same as in your father's car. Every detail has been known since childhood, each handle is known by your hand and easy in control. The same thing is with the report generators Stimulsoft Reports. All this is because developers depart from the best and well known technology.

Everybody, without exception, at least once in their life, worked with the Office, and everyone is familiar with the functions of Ribbon UI. Therefore, after the first start of the reporting tool Stimulsoft Reports you feel that you already know it and have created many reports with it.

The main reason of simpleness of using reporting tools is that developers have created a product not for someone, but for their users. We put ourselves in the place of our users, listened to them, tested reporting tools, suggested different ways, listened answers and, starting from this position, worked on the product.

The main task is each element of the report generator mosaic, be "at hand", as they say. You do not have to run your eyes over the space of the monitor to find the right field - everything is in place, maximally efficient and convenient.

2) Better and better day by day.

It goes without saying that every product is a complete unit consisting of many components interacting with each other perfectly, like a huge and very clever anthill. But the more "ants" are in the chain, the more difficult it is to trace its stable work. Many people think this way but not specialists of Stimulsoft.

For many years, developers perfect and adjust an item to item of a well-organized machine. Every detail has been tested many times and brought to the optimum. An option that you get the pleasure of working with the report generator. But even fully honed and finished products, in time, are subject to change and become even more convenient!

However, if you chose the products of Stimulsoft Reports, you'll have to get used to a nice small thing - continuous updating of products. These updates are not troubleshooting but adding new features. To better understand how this happens, we give you a simple example.

Let's say you purchased a multi-purpose Swiss knife, known for its quality. Now, imagine that you are constantly using it on a daily basis; every blade, every opportunity. After a while you find that the blades are sharper and some new ones appeared. These nice little things will make you joyous if you work with Stimulsoft Reports.
The properties of WebViewerFx are described below:

1. The ServerTimeout property is used to define time of storing a report in the server cache. By default, this property is set to "00:10:00", this means that the report is stored 10 minutes in the server cache and then it is removed.

2. The Background property is used to change the background color. By default, this property is set to White, this means that the background color is white. It is also possible to set any color in the #rrggbb format and transparent color.

3. The DataEncryption property is used to enable/disable data encryption. If the DataEncryption property is set to false, then data are not encrypted. If the DataEncryption property is set to true, then data are encrypted. By default, this property is set to false.

4. The DataCompression property is used to enable/disable data compression. If the DataCompression property is set to false, then data are not compressed. If the DataCompression property is set to true, then data are compressed. By default, this property is set to true.

5. The AppCacheDirectory property is used to indicate the path to the directory on the server, to what file caching of the Flash-application will occur. For this you need to set full access of the ASP.NET application to this folder.

6. The LocalizationDirectory property is used to specify the path to the folder where localization .xml files are stored. The folder should be placed in the root directory of the project. A code sample for specifying the path to the folder with localization files is shown below (for example, the Languages folder):
<cc1:StiWebDesigner ID="StiWebViewerFx1" runat="server" DirectoryLocalization="Files/Languages" />
7. The Localization property is used to specify the ability to localize the WebViewerFx UI in any of 26 languages available. The Localization property should be set to the value. The value is the .xml file in the Localization folder of the root directory in the project). By default, this property is set to "en", this means that the UI is localized in English. A code sample for setting the Localization property of the WebViewerFx UI to English language ("en") is shown below:
<cc1:StiWebDesigner ID="StiWebViewerFx1" runat="server" Localization="ru" />
8. The ImageQuality property is used to change the quality of images in the report. depending on the value of this property it is possible to change the image file size and image quality. If the ImageQuality property is set to Low, then the file size and quality will be low. If the ImageQuality property is set to Normal, then the file size and quality will have optimal ratio between size and quality. If the ImageQuality property is set to High, then the file size and quality will be the highest.

9. The ThemeName property is used to change the style the theme of the WebViewerFx. If the ThemeName property is set to Blue, then the style of the viewer will be as shown on the picture below:


If the ThemeName property is set to Silver, then the style of the viewer will look as shown on the picture below:


If the ThemeName property is set to Black, then the style of the viewer will look as shown on the picture below:


Consider setting exporting reports, thanks to which the report becomes multi-format, which provides greater functionality and flexibility of using it.

Any report opened in WebViewerFx, can be exported to various formats convenient for you. The list of available formats to export reports can be customized to the most frequently used ones. In other words, you can hide unused export formats by the user's discretion. Setting up a list of formats for export can be achieved using properties of WebViewerFx.

To understand it better, let us consider an example in which we exclude the HTML format from the list. To enable/disable access to this export to this format can be done using the ShowExportToHtml property of WebViewerFx. If you set this property to true, the HTML format will be displayed along with the rest format items in the list.


If to set this property to false:
<cc1:StiWebViewerFx ID=" StiWebViewerFx1" runat="server" ShowExportToHtml="False" />
the HTML format will not appear in the list of export formats. The picture below shows is a list of formats for exporting without displaying the HTML format option:


By default, all formats in the list are displayed.

Data definition is the last item in the study course of StiWebViewerFx, we honored their attention.

For the report data are needed. By default, the data are taken as specified in the Dictionary of the edited report. For example, the data, specified in the Dictionary, of edited the report.


If you want to override the data, you should subscribe to the GetDataSet event of the component WebViewerFx. Below is a sample code with which overrides the data:

protected void StiWebDesigner1_GetDataSet(object sender, StiWebDesigner.StiPreviewDataSetEventArgs e)
	DataSet data = new DataSet();
	e.DataSet = data;
Protected Sub StiWebDesigner1_GetDataSet(ByVal sender As Object,
		ByVal e As StiWebDesigner.StiPreviewDataSetEventArgs)
	Dim data As DataSet = New DataSet()
	e.DataSet = data
End Sub
If to look closely at the code, you can find that the data are taken from the XML and XSD files. By analogy, you may use data from other sources.

These all the key elements of the component StiWebViewer that you need to know. Now its use will not cause difficulties and problems. After studying this article, all the puzzle pieces are lined up in a graceful pattern, which name is Stimulsoft Reports. Stay with us - everything is just beginning!