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Выпущена новая версия генератора отчетов Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.3

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Начиная с новой версии наш продукт поддерживает Microsoft Word 2007 и позволяет экспортировать отчеты в данный формат. Кроме того, PDF документы, созданные при помощи нашего продукта, можно подписывать цифровой подписью. В дополнение к вышеперечисленному, мы значительно увеличили производительность разработчика отчетов, добавив к продукту Query Builder и новую локализацию. Наши шведские пользователи будут приятно удивлены тем, что, начиная с новой версии, они смогут работать в Stimulsoft Reports.Net на родном языке.

Ниже приведен список наиболее существенных изменений.

Changes in Exports of Reports
  • Now you can export reports to the Microsoft Word 2007 format.
  • Now you can use digital signature in the PDF export.
  • Now export to PDF supports transparent images.
  • Now export to HTML supports watermarks.
  • Now exports to XML and DBF support Date Time types.
  • Exports to PDF, XPS, Excel 2007, HTML, MHT formats are optimized for working with duplicated images.

Changes in Barcodes
  • Now you can use the DataMatrix 2D barcode.

Changes in Cross-Tabs
  • New summary type is available in the CrossTab. Now you can show images in the CrossTab.
  • The new UseStyleOfSummaryInColumnTotal property is added to the cross summary.
  • The new UseStyleOfSummaryInRowTotal property is added to the cross summary.
  • The Hyperlink property is added to all CrossFields.

Changes in Web Reports
  • Now you can use the new Ajax mode of rendering for the StiWebViewer component. This new mode is available with the RenderMode property. In this mode all operations will be processed with help of callback events.
  • Now in WebDialogs you can use the ajax-based DatePicker instead of the old control.
  • The new ShowDropDownMenu property is added to the StiWebViewer. Using this property you can show the ajax-based drop-down menu in the StiWebViewer for export, view mode and zoom actions. This option is available only in .Net 2.0.
  • Now the StiWebViewer can save rendered report to XML and Word 2007.
  • The new DatePickerFormat property is available in the StiWebViewer. This property helps with date format of DatePicker in WebDialogs.
  • The UseCache property of the StiWebViewer is merged with the RenderMode property of the StiWebViewer. All old project and reports will be converted automatically.

New localizations
  • Localization to Sweden is added.

New in Report Designer
  • The Query Builder is added to the SQL Source Editor.
  • Now you can move selected components with minimal report units with help of Alt and cursors keys.
  • Work of Report Tree is optimized.
  • Now you can use aliases of dictionary elements instead of its names.
  • AutoSave function is added to the report designer.
  • Now you can drag and drop values together with labels from dictionary.

Changes in Charts
  • The new Width property is added to Labels of Axis of Chart.

New in Report Engine
  • The new CanBreak property is added to the Image component.
  • Now the Show method of the StiReport supports IWin32Window interface.
  • Now report variables are saved to mdc and mdz files.
  • The new IsEditedInPreview property is added to the StiReport.
  • Following new global events are added: StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.StartEditingInPreview, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.EndEditingInPreview, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.EnableEditorMode, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.DisableEditorMode, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.DataSourceAssigned, StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.TextChanged.
  • New ShowPropertiesForVariable, ShowPropertiesForDataSource, ShowPropertiesForDataRelation, ShowPropertiesForDataColumn and ShowPropertiesForDataParameter properties are added to the StiDictionaryPanelService.

Fixed Bugs
  • Fix: The problem of SubReport page which has columns on a page.
  • Fix: The problem of SubReports property of StiReport in some cases.
  • Fix: Some corrections of printing from the StiWebViewer.
  • Fix: Export to DBF is corrected.
  • Fix: Problems with ShowExportToXml and ShowExportToWord2007 properties.
  • Fix: The problem with rotated text in export to HTML.
  • Fix: The problem with the SelectedIndexChangedEvent of the ListViewControl.
  • Fix: The problem with functions.
  • Fix: The problem with the ExcelValue and export to the Excel 2007.
  • Fix: Some problems with Conditions of the CrossTab summary.
  • Fix: Some problems with printing watermark.
  • Fix: The problem with the Data Band placement wizard.
  • Fix: The problem with the ICustomTypeDescriptor, Browsable attribute and Business objects.
  • Fix: The problem with the StiWebViewer and the ComboBox, and Timer.
  • Fix: The problem with the Chart Wizard.
  • Fix: Some bugs in export to excel of big reports.
  • Fix: The problem with the ExcelValue property of text components.
  • Fix: The problem with GDI+ when export to PDF richtext objects.
  • Fix: The problem with dragged sub-report.
  • Fix: The problem with the Count summary type in the CrossTab.
  • Fix: The problem with ToolTip in HTML export in div mode.
  • Fix: The problem with WordWrap in HTML export in div mode.
  • Fix: Some corrections in Div and Span modes of the HTML export.
  • Fix: Some problems with the PDF encrypt on Windows 2003.
  • Fix: The problem with the AutoWidth property in the WYSIWYG mode.
  • Fix: The problem with the CanBreak property of the FooterBand and GroupHeaderband.
  • Fix: The Average mode of the CrossTab is corrected.
  • Fix: The problem with the GroupHeaderBand and the PrintIfDetailEmpty property of the DataBand.
  • Fix: The problem with the ReportName property which contains white spaces in Web.
  • Fix: The problem with the SubReport in the report designer.
  • Fix: Mime type of Rtf text files in the Web Viewer is changed to application/msword.
  • Fix: Mime type of Word 2007 files in the Web Viewer is changed to application/msword.
  • Fix: The problem with exporting a rendered report from the Web Viewer.
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