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Academic Discount

Stimulsoft Company offers 30% discount on all Stimulsoft Reports products to the academic institutions and individuals (students and professors). They can request this discount by mailing Stimulsoft a copy of their document that proofs student/professor status.

Stimulsoft will refuse academic discounts if it does not recognize the institution as an accredited school, college or university. The academic discount is not available through resellers and may not be combined with other special offers, ever available.

Competitive Discount

For clients who have already invested money in a competing components, Stimulsoft is happy to provide a competitive 30% upgrade rebate to make the migration to Stimulsoft reporting tools and Stimulsoft Reports Server as well. Qualifying requirements for the competitive upgrade:

  • The competing product must be a reporting tool;
  • You must email Stimulsoft with the attached file which proofs the purchase of the product that you upgrade from;
  • The competitive upgrade rebate is not available through resellers;
  • The competitive upgrade rebate cannot be combined with other special offers, ever available.

Free License Stimulsoft Reports Server as part of Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate comes with a special version of Stimulsoft Reports Server. This version provides a 5-user license on the report server. It does not contain any specific limitations and requires no additional payments. In order to activate the license for 5 users of Stimulsoft Reports Server, you can use your login information for Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate. For this run the Navigator, go to the tab System -> Licensing, click the button Activate and enter your username and password.

When upgrading a Stimulsoft Reports Server license to any greater number of users, the customer who uses Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate gets a discount on the purchase of the Stimulsoft Reports Server license. The rebate is 500 USD.


Upgrading the License of Stimulsoft Reports Server from Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate

If the customer started using a license of Stimulsoft Reports Server for five users that is delivered in Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate and then upgrades the license of Stimulsoft Reports Server to a greater number of users, then the license of Stimulsoft Reports Server becomes a separate one (this means it is not associated with Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate). Since the upgrade the user has two separate licenses on Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate and Stimulsoft Reports Server. The customer can update the licenses for both products separately. 


Some localizations in our product have been translated by our customers, because the sense of translation of this or that property or event, done by professional translators, is not always correct.

Therefore, we may propose the following way of cooperation. You help us to localize our Stimulsoft Reports products in your language, and our company, as a benefit, will create the account on one of our product (you may choose it yourself) with the term of your Subscription either on the unlimited period (in case if you agree to help us to localize our product and support localization in the actual status for the next versions) or for 2 years (if you help us in translation of our current localization without further support of localization in the actual status).
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